Former US President George HW Bush passes away

Houston: Former US President, George Bush Senior expired due to old age at 94. George Bush has been recorded in history as an effective President with a significant contribution to the US victory in the Cold War and ordering an attack on Saddam Hussain’s Iraq in 1991. President Trump said in his condolence message that George Bush provided an able leadership to the United States during the crucial phases of the Cold War.

George Bush breathed his last in the Houston city of the United States. Since the last few months, his health was deteriorating, and moreover, he had also been reported dead earlier once. But his son and former President, George Bush Junior declared that the news was incorrect. Barbara, the wife of George Bush senior, passed away in April this year after which there was further deterioration in his health.

The 41st US President George Bush in his younger age, was in the US Navy during the Second World War. He completed his education from the Yale University after the war was over. His father Prescot Bush was a renowned banker. George Bush also jumped into the crude oil business. But after that, he built his diplomatic career. He also represented the United States in the United Nations as an Ambassador. He was the Vice-President during the Ronald Reagan administration.

In 1988, he was elected US President with a thumping majority. The Cold War between the United States and USSR was at a decisive stage. The Cold War ended with the disintegration of the USSR in 1989. Therefore, George Bush went down in history as the President who won the Cold War for the United States. But in 1991 he started the first Gulf war by attacking Iraq. Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussain invaded Kuwait and terrorised the other Gulf countries. But the United States under the leadership of George Bush carried out air attacks on Iraq and brought Saddam to his knees.

Despite this, George Bush could not win the second Presidential term. He lost to Democrat candidate Bill Clinton because of his failure to accelerate the growth of the US economy. But Bush still had his influence on the US politics. His son George Bush Junior became the US President in 2001. George Bush senior played an important role during his campaign.

With all this, George Bush’s image became that of a combative President. He is accused of destabilising the Gulf by attacking Iraq. At the same time, the ‘conspiracy theorists’ accuse that the Bush family uses its clout in the US politics. The conspiracy theorists allege that despite Bill Clinton is the President, George Bush had a hold on the administration and also had that it was George Bush who was instrumental in getting Bill Clinton elected.

Prescot Bush, the father of George Bush, was a billionaire entrepreneur and he has been accused of funding the party of the German Nazi dictator, Adolf Hitler. The conspiracy theorists have also accused Bush and his family of being a part of a conspiracy to bring the whole world under one rule. George Bush had joined the influential group Skull and Bones, secretly operational in the United States during his student life at the Yale University.

After coming to power as the President of the US, George Bush had recommended the New World Order during the Malta Conference on 11th September 1991. The New World Order is criticised as the conspiracy to bring the whole world under one government ruled by the domination of a few ultra-rich.

Even when George Bush or any other members of his family were not in power in the US administration, they always had their influence over the US objectives and policies. The Bush family has been haunted by the allegations that the primary cause for the Gulf war was the oil interests of the Bush companies. The relations of the oil company owned by Bush with Saudi Arabia were always the centre of controversy.

The US Presidents have the right to access any confidential CIA documents. Most of the Presidents do not exercise this right. But George Bush would invariably go through the CIA’s classified documents. Despite this, he had relations with a few Saudi traders with terrorist connections. The conspiracy theorists also point out that the Saudi billionaires have always bailed out Bush’s companies whenever they were in trouble.

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