Palestinian cause is ‘Islamic,’ but must be marketed as ‘humanitarian’, plan by extremist leaders in the United States

Third World WarNew Jersey: “Although our cause is Islamic, when we market and present it to people, I believe that it should be presented as a ‘humanitarian cause to garner everybody’s support,” said an American Islamic Imam in the United States. A person by the name Imam Sa’id Elkasaby was explaining his plan at a ‘Workshop for Palestine’ organised in New Jersey.


palestine, islamic, israelThe program was held two weeks ago, but the video has been released now. Various speakers presented their thoughts about how to resolve the Palestine issue. One of the extremist leaders said that Israel will cease to exist within next fifty years. Another speaker appealed for efforts to stop the assistance provided by the United States to Israel. However, Elkasaby presented his stand while speaking at this occasion.

Elkasaby said that marketing is necessary to create public opinion against Israel and for Palestine, and to generate more aid for Palestine. Although there is an Islamic cause behind the Palestinian conflict, while marketing, the people will have to be convinced that this is an issue of humanity. Elkasaby claimed that this will generate a worldwide support for Palestine.

palestine, islamic, israelPalestinian borders cannot be limited to the borders of 1947 and of 1967. Elkasaby claimed that Palestine’s expanse is much more than this. He also opined that Palestine has a special place in the hearts of the Arabic and Islamic people. The demand that the United States should not ignore the Palestinian demands while supporting Israel, is gaining ground. There was severe criticism faced by President Trump after he shifted the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

In this scenario, this kind of provocative statements being issued by the extremists regarding the Palestine issue, will only worsen the situation further instead of resolving it.

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