Appointment of Mike Pompeo as Secretary Of State draws reactions from around the world, Pakistan under pressure

Washington: With the announcement of Mike Pompeo’s appointment as the Secretary of State, President Trump has shaken up the whole world including the United States. The incident has evoked reactions from all around the world. According to the analysts, Trump has given indications of an aggressive foreign policy by handing over the Department of State control to the CIA Chief Pompeo. China, Iran and Turkey have expressed displeasure over Pompeo’s appointment. The analysts have expressed concern that Pakistan’s prospects have dimmed with Pompeo’s appointment.

mike pompeo, us, pakistan, china, ciaRex Tillerson was a leader with restraint and a lot of experience in foreign affairs. He had serious differences with President Trump over China and North Korea issues. It has been revealed that this is the cause of his removal. President Trump has expressed confidence that the United States policies will be more coherent in the future as Pompeo’s thought process was in line with his own. Especially, similar to President Trump, Mike Pompeo has also been strongly opposed to the Iranian nuclear program and Pakistan’s pro-terrorist policy. That is the reason why the experts feel that President Trump and Secretary of State Pompeo will implement the US policies with more intensity.

In view of this, the Pompeo appointment is generating reactions from around the world. Chinese government’s mouthpiece ‘Global Times’ has termed the appointment as a matter of concern. Chinese mouthpiece has expressed concerns about the appointment saying that Pompeo is a person with very aggressive tendencies. Chinese analyst ‘Feng Zhang’ claimed that China was not so happy with Tillerson, but one has to accept that he was much better than Pompeo. Whereas Iran has expressed a frank opinion that this appointment of Pompeo is a part of the Trump administration’s preparations to back out of the nuclear deal with Iran. The Iranian Foreign Ministry has predicted that Pompeo will adopt more stringent role than Tillerson against the European countries supporting the Iran nuclear deal. Turkey has also termed the Pompeo appointment as disturbing.

Pakistani analysts also have predicted dire circumstances for their country and have expressed fears that Pakistan will be taken to task by Pompeo. While at the office of the CIA Chief, Pompeo had severely criticised Pakistan for its pro-terrorist stance. It is difficult for the United States to win the war in Afghanistan because of Pakistan, which is a safe haven for the terrorists, Pompeo had claimed. According to the Pakistani analysts, Pompeo will corner Pakistan and make the policies about Pakistan more aggressive. The analysts are referring to the strong warning Pompeo had issued to Pakistan, just about a week ago.

While countries like China, Iran, Turkey and Pakistan which are against the United States are expressing anti-Pompeo opinions, a section of the US media has expressed confidence that Pompeo will be very effective as a Secretary of State. In a way, the reaction emerged from countries like China, Iran, Turkey and Pakistan against the Pompeo appointment makes it evident.

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