Chinese soldiers on Hong Kong streets, under the Operation Clean-up, protestors use petrol bombs, arrows to retaliate

Third World WarHong Kong: While the tension between China and the western countries, is festering over the Hong Kong issue, the Chinese military took to the streets of Hong Kong on Saturday. The Chinese military unit deployed in Hong Kong came to the city to clean up the damages caused by the protestors. Although, it is claimed that it was the initiative taken by the military unit on its own, the presence of the Chinese military in the city of Hong Kong assumes significance.

Agitations are going on in Hong Kong since the last eight months and the city administration and security agencies are jaded. At the same time, there are indications of the Chinese government being cornered because of the increasing international pressure and the maligning image of Hong Kong. Despite repeated warnings issued by President XI Jinping of harsh action, the Hong Kong agitators have become more aggressive, instead of retreating.

Chinese soldiers on Hongkong streets, under the Operation Clean-up, protestors use petrol bombs, arrows to retaliateAgainst this background, one group in the ruling communist party in China has taken a stand that the time has come for a direct action to be taken in Hong Kong. A decision regarding Hong Kong is said to have been taken during an important meeting of the ruling communist party, held in the last month. The plan is to link the Hong Kong agitation to Chinese national security and take action. The campaign undertaken by the Chinese military in civilian clothes on Hong Kong roads is believed to be a prelude to the action.

The agitation became more comprehensive around the middle of March. Government and private employees, lawyers, doctors and groups of school students from the city, joined the protests. The protest which were initially being held in the places allotted by the administration spread to almost the entire city. The agitators have resolved not to retreat unless all the five demands, presented at the beginning of the agitation, are met and they are using various tactics to achieve this.

An aggressive group of agitators used petrol bombs and arrows against the police, on Saturday and Sunday. The protestor groups said that the police brutality has crossed the limits and they are using aggression for self-defence.

Hong Kong administration and police are treating the agitation aggressively as anarchy and deeds tilting towards terrorism. The police actions also are becoming more aggressive, and weapons are being freely used against students and journalists. Therefore, discontent against the police too is increasing and clashes have been reported between some agitator groups and the police. Hundreds of protestors have been injured in these clashed, and security agencies have detained more than 3,000 protestors.

Although a military action in Hong Kong cannot be initiated with the permission of the city administration, the possibility of invoking emergency provisions cannot be ruled out. The US Congress has already prepared to pressurise China if there is a military action in Hong Kong and the European countries, including the United Kingdom, can join the process.

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