Chinese medical delegations for North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un  

Beijing: – While the health status of North Korean supremo and dictator, Kim Jong Un, has become a topic of discussion, information has been received that China has dispatched a special team to North Korea. An international news agency has reported this and has claimed that the report is based on the information given by a person connected to this development. A few days ago, a North Korean website had reported that Kim Jong Un had undergone surgery.   

The Chinese delegation led by a senior official from the ‘International Liaison Department’ of the Chinese communist party, reached North Korea. It is said that the delegation has a team of Chinese doctors and other officials. The Chinese foreign department refused to comment on the matter.   

A few days ago, the South Korean website, Daily NK, had reported that the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un underwent surgery on 12th of April. Claims that the condition of Kim Jong Un was critical had been made. But China and North Korea had dismissed the claims. Against this background, China urgently sending a medical delegation to North Korea becomes significant.  

US President Donald Trump also denied the reports claiming that the North Korean dictator’s condition was critical. President Trump reacted that the claims made in this respect were not valid. South Korean officials also contended that Dictator Kim Jong Un’s condition was stable and he will soon address the media.  

US secret service officials pointed out that reports regarding Kim Jong Un’s health had surfaced even in the past. Kim Jong Un was missing from the media and North Korean people for nearly a month in 2014 because of health reasons. Thereafter, the North Korean government television had published his videos. It is said that heart attack is a hereditary factor in Kin Jong Un’s family.   

Before this, Kim Jong Un’s father and former dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong II, had suffered a heart attack in 2008. Chinese and French doctors had treated him at that time. Kim Jong II died of a heart attack in 2011. Thereafter, Kim Jong Un took over the reins of the country.  

At the beginning of 2020, when the Coronavirus pandemic was reported from China, even North Korea had the spread of Coronavirus. But the North Korean government had dismissed the reports regarding the epidemic. The news of Kim Jong Un’s sickness and the visit of the Chinese medical team to North Korea have become significant against this background. 

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