China responsible for North Korea’s Missile test, criticizes Australian PM

Sydney/New York/Seoul : North Korea’s unexpected testing of its missile after it showing its readiness to hold talks with the US under conditions, has drawn lot of flak from the international community. However, the Australian Prime Minister- Malcom Turnbull has criticized that China is solely responsible for North Korea’s s reckless, ‘provocative and unlawful missile test. PM Turnbull has called on China should take an initiative for North Korea to end the regime’s missile testing.


Few hours ago, a senior official of the Australian Defense department had alleged that China was spying on Australia. Thereafter, on Monday, Australian PM Turnbull held Chinese leadership responsible for North Korea’s missile test. “China has the overwhelming dominant economic relationship with North Korea and because they have the greatest leverage, they can stop the regime to test the missiles further,” stated the Australian PM.

North Korea, announced the testing of missile on Monday which it tested on Sunday from a test site in the region of Kusong. According to the information published in the mouth piece of North Korea, Rodong Sinmun, the test of a new ballistic missile was carried out in the presence of the President Kim Jong Un. North Korea claimed that this missile which traveled 787 km reaching an altitude more than 2000 km has hit the target in the sea precisely. The said missile is capable to carry nuclear war head as mentioned by the North Korean newspaper.

The defense analysts in the US too have expressed their concern over this missile test. Though the US itself may not be in the range of the missile attack, the American analysts say that the US allies in the Asia-Pacific may be in the danger zone. The British press however, claimed that the North Korean missile landed up in the international sea boundaries of Russia.

Nikki Haley, ambassador of the US in the UN has strongly rebuked North Korea on its missile test. Criticising his behavior, Haley said that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is  “in a state of paranoia”. She made it clear that in such circumstances the US President Donald Trump cannot meet the North Korean President. In the last week itself, President Trump had expressed his willingness to to talk with the North Korean President.

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