Trump criticises North Korea over its growing irresponsibility

Washington/Beijing: The US President, Donald Trump criticised North Korea’s supreme leader ‘Kim Jong-un’, over his increasing irresponsibility who added to the tensions in the Korean region by testing an advanced rocket engine. President Trump held a special meeting with security advisors which also included senior military officials after North Korea carried out the said tests.

Two days ago, North Korea had conducted tests of an advanced type of rocket engine. It is claimed that the said tests were conducted for intercontinental ballistic missiles. After the North Korean dictator and supreme leader ”Kim Jong-un‘ surveyed the aforementioned tests, he proclaimed that it was a historic test for indigenous rockets. This test is also said to be a warning for the US, Japan and South Korea.

After North Korea conducted these tests, the US President urgently returned to the capital, Washington from Florida. He arranged for a meeting with his security advisors and senior military officials. This is the second meeting concerning North Korea held by President Trump in the last one month. Although the details of this meeting have not been disclosed, White House has said that the discussion also included the issue of China along with North Korea.

Since the last few days, the US’s stance regarding North Korea is getting increasingly hostile. President Trump had criticised that North Korea has used the US ‘strategic patience’ and played it for more than a period of 20 years. However, Trump has indicated that the time of ‘strategic patience’ is coming to an end and the US is considering new alternatives to put a stop to North Korea. The US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson had also bluntly warned that all options were open for dealing with North Korea and that the option of military action could also be considered.

Meanwhile, the activities of the US military and navy have increased in the Korean region over the last few days. The US has deployed aircraft carrying warships, destroyers equipped with anti-missile systems, long-range bomber aircraft  and thousands of soldiers in South Korea. The US and South Korea, both are claiming that this preparation is in view of the military drill to be held with South Korea. Concurrently, some of the US newspapers have claimed that the US is preparing to overthrow the ‘Kim Jong-un’ regime from North Korea. Nevertheless, China has kept its army prepared for a military intervention in North Korea if a political overthrow does occur.

China had declared that it had deployed its army on the North Korean border to avoid any effects of an anarchy in China in case of any unexpected events in North Korea. Likewise, China has claimed that the US has deployed its anti-missile systems in South Korea under the pretext of North Korea’s missile tests. The nuclear and missile tests of North Korea were as irresponsible as the US and South Korean war drills, blamed China. China has also expressed its resentment by saying that instigation from the US and South Korea has contributed to these tests that had been conducted by North Korea.

During the US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson’s China visit  both the nations had shown readiness to establish cooperation with respect to North Korea. However, after China’s criticism, the US President made it quite clear that this cooperation was only verbal. President Donald Trump has accused that China was still not ready to cooperate with the US with regards to North Korea. It is evident after the said allegations were made by President Trump during Secretary of State Tillerson’s China visit, that both the nations were not ready to trust each other over North Korea.