China is ending democracy in Hongkong, criticises the international community  

Hongkong: – The pro-Chinese administration in Hongkong arrested 10 pro-democracy activists, under the disguise of Lockdown imposed in Hongkong. The international organisations, along with the United States and the United Kingdom, criticised the decision of the Hongkong administration. These countries, alongside international organisations, are criticising that China is trying to end the democracy in Hongkong with these arrests of the pro-democracy activists.  

14 people were arrested in the police action taken on Saturday. These pro-democracy activists have been charged with leading the anti-China demonstrations held during the last year and fuelling the anti-China sentiment in Hongkong. The Hongkong administration clarified that this action was taken for instigating people to come on the streets to demonstrate, violating the lockdown rules, imposed in view of the Coronavirus pandemic. There are students, lawyers, writers, journalists and professionals among the people arrested.  

The action taken by the pro-Chinese administration on these pro-democracy activists, is being criticised from all around the world. US Secretary of state, Mike Pompeo criticised ‘China and its representatives are threatening the sovereignty of Hongkong with their illegal actions.’ Whereas, the United Kingdom accused that China has violated the handover treaty signed between the United Kingdom and China is 1997, by arresting the pro-democracy activists. Marise Payne, the Australian Foreign Minister, lashed out that China has taken this opportunity to arrest the Pro-democracy activists under the disguise of the Coronavirus pandemic.  

Meanwhile, the International Bar Association criticised that this arrest is an attack on democracy. Some analysts expressed fears China will intensify the actions against democracy supporters under cover of the restrictions imposed in view of the Coronavirus pandemic. Analysts warned that if these actions of China and the Hongkong administration are not acted upon in time, the democracy in Hongkong will be finished. 

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