Don’t reduce the pressure on China, former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice

Washington: – Former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said, that the way China suppressed the voices of the members of the medical fraternity, is commonplace in a country with dictatorship. In the past, China had hidden the information regarding SARS too, in a similar manner. The situation is not very different then and now. Therefore, the United States and the international community should not release the allow the pressure on China to reduce even a bit and should make the country aware of its responsibilities.


Condoleezza Rice appealed to the international community, saying, ‘China is no ordinary country. Therefore, the upheavals in China affect the entire world. Chinese people are working all over the world and the Chinese people travel the globe. There are many Chinese workers in Italy. It is not clear whether they were responsible for the spread of Coronavirus in Italy. But China cannot shirk its responsibility on this front. Therefore, the international community must make China aware of its responsibilities. This calls for maintaining pressure on China.’

China suppressed the voices of the physicians and others from the medical fraternity, when the preliminary information regarding the Coronavirus was being revealed. This always happens in countries like China, with dictatorship. Even in the past, at the time of the SARS pandemic, China had adopted a similar stand of hiding the facts and therefore the US administration could not know anything about the epidemic. The same is being repeated in the current scenario. Condoleezza Rice reminded the world about Chinese history with these statements.

US President, Donald Trump has started castigating China over the Coronavirus pandemic issue and has announced that the United States has initiated an investigation into a Chinese conspiracy angle to the pandemic. Although former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, has not directly supported the accusations levelled by President Trump, she has expertly presented the fact that China is not revealing the facts regarding the pandemic. Therefore, it is evident that the senior US statesmen also are delivering stern messages to China.

Every country in the world is fighting the Coronavirus menace, in its way and the country borders have been closed. European countries were working in the direction of opening their borders completely. But now again, the borders of all the European countries have been sealed. Rice pointed out that the process has been reversed because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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