German newspaper demands USD 162 billion as compensation from China

Berlin: – After the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan and Germany have raised a demand for compensation from China. A leading German newspaper made a demand that China, who hid the information regarding Coronavirus, should pay a compensation of USD 162 billion to Germany. At the same time, the newspaper accused Chinese President Xi Jinping of pushing the world into a ditch of a horrendous crisis. China has said that the demand being made by the German newspaper is malicious.


Julian Reichelt, the chief editor of the leading German newspaper ‘Build’, had levelled an accusation last week that Chinese President Xi Jinping and the Chinese government were responsible for the Coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, Reichelt, in his article titled ‘What China owes us?’ demanded a compensation of USD 162 billion (149 billion Euros) from China.

The Chinese embassy in Germany, infuriated with the demand for compensations and the castigating language used by the newspaper, has criticised that the concerned newspaper is trying to spread malice against China. The Chinese embassy also emphasised that China was not responsible for the Coronavirus pandemic. But Build launched a scathing attack on China after this.

Reichelt reminded China of its sins in sharp words ‘President Jinping, you, your government and your scientists were aware of the potential threat of Coronavirus pandemic for a long time. Still, you kept the world in the dark. Your officials did not answer the queries of the western experts even when they inquired regarding the Wuhan epidemic.’

Reichelt launched a scathing attack on China by stating, ‘Mr. Jinping, you cannot become the President unless you monitor the Chinese citizens. All the Chinese citizens are under surveillance, but you cannot monitor the virus spreading to the world from one of your cities? You shutdown the newspapers and websites which criticise your government. But you don’t shutdown the laboratory where the Coronavirus originated from.’

Reichelt presented the fundamental Chinese problem in front of the world ‘Freedom is not possible in a country where the citizens are under surveillance. Where there is no freedom, creativity and innovation is not possible in that country. China is the undisputed leader in intellectual property theft.’

At the end of his editorial, Julian Reichelt delivered a blunt message to Chinese President Xi Jinping. Julian Reichelt has tried to show the mirror to China saying ‘We can hear the grapevines from the Chinese citizens that your tyrant rule is now receiving jolts. Before the Coronavirus outbreak in the world, China was famous as the country placing its citizens under surveillance. But now it is known as the country who is keeping a strict vigil on its citizens and infecting the whole world after being infected by the virus.’

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