Defying US objections, China to hike defence expenditure, announces the Communist government in China

Third World WarBeijing: Surpassing Russia, China turned out to be the second highest spender on defence as defence spending race. It was announced in the annual session of the Chinese communist party that China will keep increasing its defence expenditure, neglecting objections being raised, regarding its defence policies and expenditure. But China has also claimed that this increasing military might, is not particularly against any country.

us, china, defence expenditureThe annual session of the National People’s Congress (NPC) is being held and the criticism at the international level, regarding the Chinese defence expenditure was counter on Monday, during the meeting. The NPC spokesman Zhang Yesui clarified that China has increased its defence expenditure only for peace and self-defence. Yesui said that the Chinese defence expenditure is only for protecting its sovereignty and for regional unity Defending the increase in the Chinese defence expenditure as only defensive and not aggressive, Yesui further said that the Chinese defence expenditure was no threat to the security of other countries.

Yesui targeted the United States, for criticising the increase in the Chinese defence expenditure, without naming it. He said that the Chinese defence expenditure is nothing as compared to the countries, leading in defence spending. Last year, China hiked its defence expenditure by 8.1%. The United States and allies criticise that the Chinese defence expenditure is not transparent. The United States has also accused that China is using this increase in the defence expenditure to keep the neighbouring countries terrorised. But Yesui clarified that China would not reduce its defence expenditure, despite these accusations by the United States. Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang is expected to make an important announcement, regarding the Chinese defence expenditure, on Tuesday.

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