The migrant crisis faced by Europe in 2015 will repeat; warns Hungarian Prime Minister

Third World WarBudapest: Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban warned that threat of the migrant crisis, like the one faced by Europe in 2015, is looming once again and this time it will be of a greater magnitude. Orban also advised that if this crisis is to be averted, an independent agency should be created with the inclusion of the interior security ministers of all the countries, to take appropriate decisions in this matter. French intellectuals have warned that if the migrant influx continued, it is feared that the impact will be severe and negative.

In 2015, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, the leading European country, announced that the gates of Europe were open for the migrants from Gulf and Africa. Huge migrant influx Followed, and this had a severe effect in Europe. There is discontent about the hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants in the European countries, and even political repercussions are being felt.

migrant, europe, viktor orban, germanyThe European Parliament elections are scheduled to be held in May this year, and the migrant influx issue is on the anvil even concerning the elections. Hungarian Prime Minister Orban has strongly opposed the migrants, from the very beginning. For the last three years, Orban has succeeded in stopping migrant influx in Hungary through aggressive measures and laws. The European Union has strongly objected to these actions by Orban and has even threatened an action. But still, Orban is firm on his stand and has cautioned that the migrant crisis can hit Europe once again.

The Hungarian Prime minister pointed to the threat of a large number of citizens from Gulf and African countries turning to Europe ‘There is a possibility that there will be migrant influx once again like the one in 2015. This time the influx is feared to be still larger. The population in the Arab countries will exceed the population of the European countries. The indications are that the African population will also grow excessively, as compared to the food supply there.’

Orban suggested that the European Commission will not be able to stop the migrant influx and an independent council comprising of the Internal Security Ministers of all the countries needs to be formed to address this issue. He also demanded that a provision should be made that this council will be authorised to take immediate decisions on the concerns regarding migrants. At the same time, he said that Hungary is fully prepared to handle the situation if faced with the migrant crises once again.

‘Prime Minister Orban warned ‘Hungary is a leading country when you think of the migrant issue. We are fully prepared. Thousands of police and soldiers have been deployed at the country’s border.’

Meanwhile, due to the aggressive stance adopted by some of the European countries, since the last few months, the number of migrants is seen to be decreasing. Italian Internal Security Minister Matteo Salvini claimed that the number of people trying to intrude into Italy has reduced by 90% as compared to last year. At the same time, Salvini informed that more than 1,000 migrants had been deported from Italy, in the first two months of 2019.

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