China might change its nuclear weapons policy as the chances of war with the US grow, claim international analysts

Third World War

Washington/ Hongkong: China has become restless due to the US movements in the Indo-Pacific region. Additionally, China might abandon its ‘no first use’ policy, which implies not to use nuclear weapons first unless attacked with nukes by other countries as the possibility of war with the US over ‘East and the South China Sea’ escalates, claimed Hong Kong-based news daily. The daily has published the news based on the analysis of international analysts.

nuclear-weapons-policyOver the last few years, China has been taking steps at a rapid pace to challenge the United States. The American analysts have been expressing concerns over China’s upgradation of the military along with naval and air force as well as China’s cyber readiness and space warfare. Chinese officials had also declared to challenge the US in the arms race. Moreover, China’s arm preparedness had been looked upon seriously because of the heightened tensions with the US over the East and the South China Sea. Also, Chinese leaders had threatened to sink US aircraft carriers.

However, according to the news published in Hong Kong daily, China who is engaged with arms race with the US has initiated more aggressive steps. “China may likely withdraw from the agreement signed in 1964,” claimed Song Zhongping, a military expert from Hong Kong. “With the rising threat from the US in the maritime region, China can deploy its nuclear-equipped submarines here, in order to boost its defence preparedness,” he added. He further warned that the US manoeuvres in the region might provoke China to mount the first nuclear strike.

Given the nuclear threat from China, the US is also stepping up its warfare in the region, stated Zhao Tong, an expert from the study group ‘Carnegie–Tsinghua Centre for Global Policy’ based in the US. Since China can change its nuclear stance, the US and its allies had earlier conducted anti-submarine drills in the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Nearly a year ago, US warships and submarines had participated in the naval drills organised by India. In these naval drills, US officials had commended Indian Navy for its surprising demonstrations.

Meanwhile, a few days ago, a senior Australian analyst, had warned that the growing tensions in the South China Sea could lead to war between the US and China shortly. He also said that the pressure has been strained further and none of the countries is ready to back down on the ‘South China Sea’ issue.

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