China to deploy amphibious drone boat ‘Marine Lizard’ in the South China Sea

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Beijing: The Chinese government mouthpiece has claimed that Beijing has created the world’s first amphibious drone boat, which can conduct operations successfully on land as well as in water. The Chinese media has warned the US by claiming that the drone boat is a significant achievement for the Chinese defence forces and that it would be deployed in the South China Sea to protect the country’s interests. The addition of the amphibious drone boat has raised further tensions in the South China Sea region.

china-amphibious-drone-tankThe Chinese government-affiliated company, Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group Co., Ltd. had published the news about the amphibious drone boat a few days ago. The company had also claimed that the amphibious drone boat, i.e. the Marine Lizard had completed testing successfully in Wuhan, Hubei province. The Chinese mouthpiece had also published a report about the development and said that the Marine Lizard could also be controlled from a distance of 1200 km, with the help of remote control or a satellite.

The mouthpiece has also claimed that the Marine Lizard is a stealth vessel and can gain speed up to 50 knots in the ocean and travels at 20 km per hour on land. The mouthpiece also claimed that if the situation demanded, the drone boat was capable of carrying a fleet of naval force, as well as, launching powerful attacks on the enemy bases. Moreover, after the state-run mouthpiece, the leading Chinese media also covered the developments about the Marine Lizard claiming it to be an advanced drone.

A Hong Kong-based news agency published the news about the developments in the Chinese military based on information from a military analyst. Also, the agency claimed that in the times to come, China may choose to deploy the amphibious drone boat known as the Marine Lizard to the artificial islands in the South China Sea or on its artificially built islands. Beijing based military analyst, Song Zhongping said, “The Marine Lizard could play an important role in the South China Sea conflict. The boat would be ideal for the military to start autonomous surveillance operations throughout the South China Sea as also on China’s artificial islands for security. In the South China Sea, it can be used to either seize a reef or guard a reef, both offensive and defensive,” he said. Moreover, he also drew attention to the fact that the craft could be used to launch a surprise attack on an enemy island outpost.

Meanwhile, China has initiated a large purchase and production of arms and ammunition to challenge the US in the arms race. China, with the help of artificial intelligence, swarm technology and advanced technologies has build stealth and autonomous weapons. Moreover, it has also indicated that it will deploy the weapons in the South China Sea region. Previously, China had declared to test and deploy a drone patrol boat in the South China Sea.

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