Attack on the US army in Syria will be a blunder – US’ warning to the threat by Syrian President

Third World WarWashington/Damascus: ‘The United States military will have to leave Syria, one way or the other,’ Syrian President, Bashar Al-Assad issued this suggestive statement. The United States has taken note of this statement and has issued a stern warning in response. ‘It will be a huge blunder if any group in Syria decides to attack the military deployed there by the United States or its allies,’ warned US Director of Joint Staff, Kenneth McKenzie.

The developments in Syria are speeding up and President Bashar Al-Assad has indicated considering a truce with the US-backed rebels. During an interview with a leading Russian news channel, he expressed his willingness to negotiate with the leading rebel organisation, ‘Syrian Democratic Front’ (SDF). But at the same time, he also issued a warning to the United States and SDF.

us syria, syrian president, assad‘Our government in Syria is willing to open the doors for negotiations with SDF. Negotiations with the SDF will be the first option for stability in Syria. But in case these negotiations fail, the second option of military action to free the part occupied by SDF is also available. We are willing to fight the SDF as well as its supporter, the United States for this purpose.’ announced Assad.

While saying that the United States military will have to leave Syria one day or the other and by one way or the other, Assad made a reference to the Iraq conflict. ‘United States had intruded into Iraq and started a conflict about a decade ago. But United States did not gain anything from that conflict. The United States should remember the Iraq lesson and withdraw from Syria. The United States will not gain anything in Syria too,’ claimed Assad.

US Director of Joint Staff, Kenneth McKenzie replied strongly to this incitement by President Assad. ‘The United States does not want a conflict with the Syrian or the Iranian army. But it is committed to the security of its own soldiers as well as of those deployed by its allies and other organisations to fight the IS. Therefore, if an attempt is made either by the Syrian army or any other group to attack these soldiers, it will be a huge blunder. The United States will not hesitate to retaliate against such an attack on its forces,’ McKenzie has warned the Syrian President.