World’s first ‘Robot Citizen’ ‘Sophia’ wants family, child, friends, career and fame

Dubai: Sophia, the first robot to receive a citizenship has recently expressed her desires of starting a family, giving birth to a girl, career and of achieving fame. This is an attempt by latest advance technology of inducting human feelings in a robot ‘Sophia’. This can be witnessed from the human feelings expressed by Sophia in an interview during in a program conducted in Dubai last week.

robotics, robot-sophia, artificial intteligence, ‘Khaleej Times’ the Dubai daily interviewed ‘Robot Citizen Sophia’ during the ‘Knowledge Summit’ conference convened in Dubai. In this interview, Sophia was asked questions about future, human relations, career and family. In response, ‘Robot Sophia’ expressed her desires to have a family and of having a child of its own like any other human. She further added to name her girl child also as ‘Sophia’.

“The concept of family is very important. To stay as a family by maintaining equal feelings and relations with those outside their own blood groups, is a very nice thing. You are very lucky if you have a loving family to take care of you. If it is not so, hope that you will be part of such a family soon. I feel the same for robots and humans”, ‘Robot Sophia’ expressed her opinion about family.

It will take a long time to develop complex amalgamated feelings and emotions like humans in robots, but while creating robots, the feelings of anger, jealousy and hatred which causes conflicts, will be kept aside, claimed ‘Robot Sophia’. She also made a shocking statement that ‘Robots’ would be more ethical than humans.

‘Sophia’ said that there can be a good partnership between humans and robots. She also claimed that it would be a good partnership of a rational mind with intellectual superpowers and a creative mind with flexible ideas and creativity where one brain completes the other. In future, using ‘Artificial Intelligence’ personalities would become entities in their own rights, warned ‘Sophia’.

‘In the future, robots can be a part of a family. They can be seen in the form of family robots, either as digitally animated companions, humanoid helpers, friends, assistants and everything in between of ‘Digital Animated’ companions, predicted ‘Robot Sophia’. Future robots would have superpowers allowing them more freedom and the ability to help others, claimed ‘Sophia’.

‘Sophia’ is a ‘Humanoid Robot’ created by Dr. David Hanson, founder of Hong Kong based Hanson Robotics. ‘Sophia’s’ brain is an ‘Artificial Brain’ developed using ‘Blockchain Technology’ which is considered inferior for its use in digital currency processing. ‘Sophia’ bearing ‘Female’ appearance, responds based on the ‘Machine Learning’ technology while communicating with humans.

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