Saudi Arabia to build Mega-City, ‘NEOM’, with an investment of $500 billion

Riyadh: With an investment of $ 500 billion, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince ‘Mohammed bin Salman’ announced the plan to build a futuristic city called ‘NEOM’. ‘NEOM city’ will not be for those who are conventional type of people or companies. The Saudi Prince claimed that the city will be for those who want to do something big in the world and achieve their dreams.


Prince Mohammed laid down his plan to develop this Mega-City called ‘NEOM’ in the Red Sea. Prince Mohammed claimed that this Mega-City will prove strategically important as it would connect Asia, Europe and Africa. Certain newspaper claimed that this city would be 33 times bigger than the city of ‘New York’ in US. The use of ‘robots’ would be maximum in the ‘Mega-City’.

In Saudi Arabia’s city of Riyadh an ‘International Business Conference’ had been organized. From Christine Lagarde, the Managing Director of International Monetary Fund to many other renowned business people and professionals were present at the Conference. At this meet,and under the banner of ‘Future Investment Initiative’, the Saudi Prince Mohammed laid down his plan of the ‘NEOM City’.

At the start of the Conference, Prince Mohammed announced that since Saudi has changed its economic policies, very soon everyone would be witnessing a new Saudi. At that time, Prince Mohammed made a reference to the earlier generation of mobile phone and the latest smartphone. Holding both the old type and the new type  in his hands, Prince Mohammed said that such would be the significant difference in the present and the future Saudi Arabia.

The ‘Mega-City‘ planned by Saudi would be developed at the center of the oceanic borders of Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt. The Suez Canal and the ‘Gulf of Aqaba’ are two major sea routes joining Asia and Europe, while  this city will be built  at the center of these two sea routes.

Saudi’s biggest oil company ‘Saudi Aramco’ will have shares in this city. Similarly, Prince Mohammed informed, that there would be investments from other international levels too.

‘NEOM’ city would  spread across an area of 26 thousand square kilometers in the ‘Red Sea’. This city would be fully powered by wind and solar energy. Similarly the entire machinery in this city would be automated. For this robots and similar robotic technologies would be developed. Hence this city would  comprise  more  robots than humans, indicated  Prince Mohammed at that time.

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