Countries in the forefront in “Artificial Intelligence” will rule the world, says Russian President Putin

Moscow: Artificial Intelligence will not only be the future of Russia, but of the entire  human race. There are immense opportunities in this field. At the same time there are unforeseen dangers. Whosoever leads in this field, would lead the entire World. These were the claims made by the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, while addressing students in Russia.


There are indications that as President Putin has taken an open stand on this issue of ‘Artificial Intelligence’, the issue would come up for discussion at an international level. Putin also made a claim that Russia would soon take  steps in this field. At the same time he warned, that the field of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ would not be the monopoly of any one country. Along with ‘Artificial Intelligence’ the Russian President also expressed his views on ‘Cognitive Science’, ‘Drones’  and the developing field of Space Technology.

Putin further added, that there would be no chance  of monopoly getting  created  in the development of this field of ‘Artificial Intelligence’. Also there would be no ownership of this field in the hands of a specialized few. In case Russia happens to lead in this field, Russia’s emphasis would be to share the technology with other countries, with a mutual give and take. Earlier, there was an exchange of atomic technology, so in the same manner Artificial Intelligence know-how would be exchanged. So as not to lag behind in this field, Putin guaranteed, that Russia would take quick steps in the field of ‘Artificial Intelligence’.   

In the past few years a lot has been discussed worldwide in the field of ‘Artificial Intelligence’. Indications are openly given on the issue by researchers, scientists, entrepreneurs and experts from various fields. However it is for the first time that a prominent leadership has stated its stance so openly on ‘Artificial Intelligence’.

It has been noted  that a few days back, at the ‘International Joint Conference’ on ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (IJCAI) in Australia,  there were vigourous discussions on the issue. As a context to this conference, a letter addressed to the United Nations Organization was published. In the letter a grave warning was given, that ‘Killer Robotics‘ a concept of the Third Revolution in warfield, is being developed with the help of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and ‘Robotics’, if the war gets started by them, it would then be beyond the control of the human race.

In an interview given to a news channel in US, ‘Jack Ma‘ a leading Chinese entrepreneur, warned that the Third World War could get ignited on account  of ‘Artificial Intelligence’.

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