Saudi-UAE attempt to steal Qatar wealth allege members of Qatar Royal family

Dubai: Sheikh Abdullah bin Ali al-Thani has levelled serious allegations saying “The crown princes of Saudi and UAE wanted to grab the wealth in Qatar and therefore they boycotted Qatar and created crisis in the gulf”. Sheikh Abdullah has held the Crown Prince of Saudi, Mohammad Bin Salman and the UAE Crown Price Mohammed Bin Zayed responsible for these acts.

Sheikh Abdullah had alleged that the UAE had detained him, but the UAE had refuted these claims and had released him. Subsequently, the Sheikh Abdullah audio was a topic of discussion on the social media for some time. Sheikh Abdullah had heavily criticised Saudi and UAE. Shaikh Abdullah alleged that Saudi had detained him.

uae, qatar, royal family, saudiSheikh Abdullah has claimed that the embargo against Qatar was the conspiracy of the Saudi and UAE crown princes. “The imposition of embargo against Qatar was the plot of Crown Prince of Saudi, Mohammad Bin Salman and the UAE Crown Price Mohammed Bin Zayed. Creating a crisis in the name of Qatar and stripping the royal wealth of Qatar was the plan of the crown princes” is what he has said in the audio.

Sheikh Abdullah said he will never allow this plan to succeed. He said “My brothers in Qatar should beware of Saudi and UAE. They will pay you to destroy your own country”.

Sheikh Abdullah has also claimed that the two crown princes were responsible for the allegations made by him on the royal family of Qatar. He also alleged, “The crown prince of Saudi and UAE pressurised me to spew venom against the Qatar leadership.” He also said in the audio ‘The pressure from Saudi and the possibility of not being able to return to Qatar and meeting my family prompted me to make the decision to end my life. This would not have caused harm to anyone.’

It was reported last month that Sheikh Abdullah along with a member of the Qatar royal family were present in Saudi. Sheikh Abdullah had met King Salman and the Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman. After this meeting, Sheikh Abdullah declared revolt against the Crown Prince of Qatar ‘Sheikh Tamim’. Sheikh Abdullah had also claimed to be safe in Saudi.

Last Sunday, Sheikh Abdullah claimed that he was abducted and blamed Saudi and the UAE. The authenticity of the audio of Sheikh Abdullah is being verified. But this has provided ammunition to the Qatar media to criticise Saudi and UAE.

Saudi, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt had imposed an embargo against Qatar last year. Saudi and its allies had severed political and military ties with Qatar alleging that Qatar was supporting terrorism. They had also warned of dire consequences if Qatar did not yield to their demands. Qatar had dismissed the allegations by Saudi and its allies. The Qatar foreign ministry had blamed the Saudi ‘Crown Prince’ as being responsible for this.

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