US to deploy ‘THAAD’ missile defense system in Germany to respond to Russia and Iran’s threat

Third World WarWashington/ Berlin: The US has indicated to deploy the ‘THAAD’ missile defense system in Europe to give an equivalent response to advanced long-range and medium-range missile systems of Russia and Iran. Its officials and analysts have reported about their initial ongoing discussion with the German military officials regarding the system. ‘THAAD’, an advanced missile system created by Lockheed Martin, is also known to be the most efficient anti-missile system bearing the capability to defend against short and medium-range ballistic missiles.

us, thaad, germany, russia, iran, missilesCurrently, the US has deployed the ‘Patriot’ missile system and ‘Aegis‘ ballistic missile system in Europe. Both of these systems had been deployed, considering the increasing threat from Russia. However, the US has also claimed that Europe is under Iran’s threat after US President, Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Nuclear Deal. ‘Shahab-3’, the Iranian missile has a range of about 2000 kilometres and it is said that some of the European nations are within the striking range of this missile.

Even though the US and Europe may not have a common stance about the nuclear deal, the sources claim that, they have come to agree upon the policies regarding the Iranian missile threat. Thus, it has emerged that the US has begun to put in action the work towards bringing the deployment of the ‘THAAD’ missile system in Europe. In the last month, head of the US European Command(EUCOM), Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti had visited Germany. It is said that a discussion regarding ‘THAAD’ took place during this visit.

us, thaad, germany, russia, iran, missiles‘The initial assessment is that Germany would very likely not have a problem with a THAAD deployment’, General Scaparrotti claimed in a function during his German visit. Even though he declined any further comment, it has become known that he expressed this while putting forth the extra deployment in Europe to be able to combat with Russia. Thus, the US is putting all their efforts to deploy the THAAD in Europe.

The senior US military officials and analysts have affirmed this decision. The THAAD will be deployed on the Ramstein Air Base, the US air base in Germany indicated the senior military officials. The US officials have also claimed that this deployment is also an important political message for the European Nations.

Thomas Karako, a senior fellow at the ‘Center for Strategic and International Studies’ also reported that a discussion regarding the deployment of the THAAD, which is to happen in the US Defense Department session in the month of June. He also claimed that this particular point denotes the US’ preparation against Russia. However, the Pentagon Spokesman declined to give an authorised comment on this claim.

NATO’s new ‘command post’ in Germany

NATO, russia, germanyNATO has sped their movements to cease Russia’s increasing threat to the eastern European Nations. It has emerged that NATO will be erecting an independent command post in Ulm, Germany as a part of these efforts. Apart from Germany, it has been reported that NATO has also erected a new command post in Virginia, US.

In the last few months, as a preparation against Russia, NATO has indicated to adopt new set of aggressive policies, which include restructuring the old command, extensive deployment, rapid movements and grand war-exercises.


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