Russia raises strong objections over the US deployment of THAAD in Romania

Third World WarMoscow/Washington: Russian Deputy Foreign, Minister Alexander Grushko, registered strong objections to the deployment of the THAAD system by the United States, in Romania “There is a Russian saying ‘Nothing lasts longer than the word temporary’. Therefore, questions are raised, as to what is meant by the ‘Temporary’ deployment of the THAAD missile defence system in Romania? And what is its purpose? Reasonable doubts are created regarding what does the modernisation of the missile systems in Romania, really means.”

russia, thaad, romania, usThe United States will be deploying its most advanced ‘Terminal High Altitude Area Defence’ (THAAD), in the eastern European country of Romania. The United States has already installed the AEGIS air defence system, in Romania. Romania becomes the first European country, also to have the deployment of THAAD. Other than the THAAD in Romania, deployment of the AEGIS air defence system is being done in Poland too, and Poland will also be supplied with the Patriot missiles.

The United States claimed that the deployment of THAAD in Romania is temporary. The reason forwarded for this action is the repairs being carried out to the AEGIS system, deployed there. But there no clarity, as to how long this repair work will take and THAAD will remain deployed in Romania. At the same time, this system will be under the control of NATO’s Allied Air Command, and NATO has endorsed this deployment.

In 2009 the United States announced the deployment of missile defence systems in Europe. The reason forwarded by the then US administration was, Europe was under the threat of Iranian missiles. But Russia had consistently opposed this deployment, saying that this deployment was against Russia. Despite this Russian opposition, the United States went ahead with the deployment of the system, in Romania. Following that, the deployment of the same system was undertaken in Poland, and the indications are that the works will be completed in one year.

russia, thaad, romania, usThe United States had declared that an aggressive policy would be implemented for the security of the European countries, following the Russian invasion of Crimea in 2009. As per that policy, the European countries are being supplied with new nuclear weapons, advanced missiles, most modern fighter jets and tanks. At the same time, the US missile defence systems and military Units deployed have also been increased, and deployment of THAAD in Romania also seems to be a part of the same policy.

A few months ago, the United States withdrew from the important, Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty. Following this withdrawal by the United States, the Russian leadership severely criticised the United States and warned of an equivalent retaliation. Russian President Vladimir Putin issued an open threat ‘If the United States tried to deploy short and medium-range missiles in Europe, then Russia will deploy missiles, not only to target the European countries but to directly target the United States.’Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Alexander Grushko claimed that the THAAD deployment in Romania was against Russia and warned that an appropriate reply would be given.

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