US-Russia relations have escalated to a point of conflict: former Russian President Medvedev

Moscow: Dmitry Medvedev, Former Russian President and Vice President of the defence-related conference in Russia warned that the relations between Russia and the United States have reached a point of conflict from enmity. Both the countries have once again returned to the Cold War era.


US-Russia relations have escalated to a point of conflict: former Russian President MedvedevMedvedev appealed that if a clash between the two countries is to be avoided, direct talks are a must. Medvedev is known as the trusted deputy of President Putin. Therefore, President Putin has issued this warning to the United States, stressing the importance of direct talks.

A few days ago, US President Joe Biden held telephonic talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. During that, he proposed to have discussion with President Putin. But before that, President Biden had announced the expulsion of 10 Russian diplomats and sanctions against Russia. This had ended the possibility of the Russian President responding in the affirmative to the proposal. But now, Russia also has retaliated with the expulsion of 10 US diplomats. It is indicated that talks may be possible between the two countries and the US media have already made claims to that effect. Against this background, the warning issued by Medvedev becomes significant.

During an interview given to a Russian news agency, Medvedev criticised the sanctions imposed by the United States against Russia. Medvedev alleged ‘Pressure of the sanctions, threats, conflict and protecting someone’s interests are pushing the world towards perpetual instability.’ Medvedev accused that the stand taken by the United States on Ukraine and Nordstream-2 pipeline is an organised campaign to harass Russia.US-Russia relations have escalated to a point of conflict: former Russian President Medvedev

Four decades ago, the United States and Russia were not only issuing threats and ultimatums, but talks were also being held between the two countries. But today, such discussions are not being seen. Because the US foreign policy has become unstable. The internal situation and the declining US image as the global leader among the western countries are the reasons for this state.

Simultaneously, the former Russian President reminded that during the Cold War times, after the United States deployed ballistic missiles in Italy and Turkey, Russia also had deployed ballistic missiles in Cuba against the United States. Medvedev appealed that if a direct conflict between the United States and Russia is to be avoided, the Biden administration should adopt the path of direct discussions. Medvedev also retorted that the telephonic discussions do not serve the purpose.

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