Russia deploys nuclear weapons in Venezuela, warns US Congressman

Third World WarWashington/Caracas: “In the past, the Russian deployment of nuclear weapons in Cuba had created a possibility of sparking a nuclear war between the United States and Russia. Even now, Russia has deployed its nuclear weapons in Venezuela,” Senior US Congressman Mario Diaz Balart, issued a sensational warning. The warning by Balart indicates that the Venezuelan tension may culminate into a nuclear war between the United States and Russia. Against this background, the US defence department has planned to overthrow the Maduro regime in Venezuela,


Two days ago, internationally recognised Venezuelan leader Juan Guaido, had warned of a decisive conflict against the Maduro regime in Venezuela. Later to which, massive protests ensued for over a couple of days and as per reports, many people have been injured in these protests. Claims of cracks being developed in the military and security agencies backing Maduro are being made. Besides, news of protests becoming more extensive are also surfacing on media and social media.

Russia, nuclear weapons, venezuela, usThe United States too has indicated to intensify the Venezuelan campaign, and President Trump said that the United States would use all available resources to make the campaign a success. Further, Trump also said that the United States is open to exercise the last option. Nevertheless, Patrick Shanahan, the interim Secretary of Defence, too postponed his Europe visit forwarding the reason that the situation in Venezuela is dire. While the United States is working on the campaign, the congressman has created a stir, claiming that Russia has deployed nuclear weapons in Venezuela.

US Congressman Mario Diaz Balart warned, “If the dictatorial regime of Maduro in Venezuela received support at the international level, it would open the gates to Latin America, for Russia and China. This will be dangerous for the US interests in the continent and national security.” At this time, he claimed that Russia had deployed nuclear weapons in Venezuela citing the Cuban Missile Crisis during the cold war.

Russia, nuclear weapons, venezuela, usThe information has been revealed in the last few months that advanced Russian bombers visited Venezuela and also a unit of Russian soldiers has been deployed there. Additionally, Venezuela has leased an island to Russia, to build its military base. Given these developments, the claim by the US Congressmen multiplies the tension.

Meanwhile, it has come to light that the US defence department has prepared an independent plan to oust the Maduro regime in Venezuela.

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