Russia accuses the US of aiding the Taliban in Afghanistan

Third World War

Moscow: The United States and NATO had aided the Taliban in Afghanistan. Moreover, the US also had a hand in the narcotics trade in Afghanistan, was the sensational accusation made by Russia. The spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova has made this allegation, a report about which was aired by the Iranian news channel “Press TV”. The United States had earlier alleged that Russia was supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan. It appears that the spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry has fired this salvo on the United States and NATO, in reply to these allegations.

For the past few months, the United States has been accusing Russia of cooperating with the Taliban. The US has also blamed Russia for using the Taliban to create instability in Afghanistan. Maria Zakharova has made these counter-allegations while replying to the United States. There is concrete evidence available of how the US has supported the Taliban time and again. The US Defence Secretary had informed about the theft of its arms worth $1.5 million from Afghanistan and Iraq. These arms had reportedly fallen into the wrong hands and they eventually reached the Taliban, reminded Zakharova.

Similarly, the fact that the United States and NATO had condoned the narcotics trade in Afghanistan is no more a secret to the world. While Afghanistan was under direct control of the US and NATO forces, the narcotics manufacture and distribution in the country was in full bloom, retorted Zakharova. Although the United States had declared war against terrorism in Afghanistan, in reality, after the US invasion, the country has only become a hub of the narcotics trade and the terrorism continues unabated. Hence, The United States is trying to cover up for its failure by pointing fingers at Russia, accused the spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

At the same time, Zakharova also clarified that Russia’s cooperation with the Taliban in Afghanistan was extremely limited. She said, “Russia is cooperating with the Taliban only to ensure the security of its citizens in Afghanistan” and indicated that Russia was also negotiating with the Taliban to push the process of peace in Afghanistan”. Meanwhile, it is evident from the accusations made by Maria Zakharova that the differences between Russia and the United States are escalating over the Afghanistan issue.

Senior military officials and leaders of the United States are claiming that Russia is jeopardising the interests of the United States as well as of Afghanistan, by cooperating with the Taliban. Whereas Russia claims that there is a growing influence of the IS in Afghanistan which is a substantial threat to Russia. Therefore, Russia has justified its actions by saying that it is using the Taliban to combat the IS influence.

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