US Congress certifies election win of Biden-Harris; Trump promises peaceful power transition

Washington: – On Wednesday, Vice President Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, declared that the US Congress has approved the Biden-Harris victory after the unprecedented violence. The electoral college results were approved in the session of the Congress, convened again after expelling the violent protestors out of the Congress. Following this approval, President Trump stated that he was willing for a smooth handover of power, although the result was not acceptable.  

During the session held late on Wednesday, all the objections raised by the Trump supporters were dismissed. The Congress passed the concerned proposal with 92 votes in favour. Whereas, in the House of Representatives, more than 300 members voted against the objections. Thereafter, at nearly 4:45 am Vice President Mike Pence and Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that the Congress had approved the Biden-Harris victory. This announcement has cleared the blocks for swearing-in of Joe Biden as the President of the United States on 20th January.

Following the decision of the Congress, President Trump, through a statement, announced that he was willing for a smooth transition of power. President Trump said that he does not accept the election results. However, the transition of power will happen smoothly on 20th January. The struggle for the cause that only legitimate votes should be taken into account, during counting, will continue. This is the end of the best regime in the presidential history. But this is the beginning of the struggle to make the United States, the best.’  

Before that President Trump fired a salvo of criticism at Vice President Mike Pence. President Trump blamed Pence of lacking in the courage to ensure the country’s security and the constitution. Vice President Pence has registered a reaction ‘Violence never succeeds and freedom always succeeds.’ Meanwhile, the media reported that the members of the republican and democrat parties, have initiated moves for legal action against President Trump. 

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