Israeli PM Netanyahu warns against reviving Iran nuclear deal – a message for Biden

Kibbutz: – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has delivered a clear message to Joe Biden, who has indicated to reactivate the Iran nuclear deal after taking over as the President of the United States. Prime Minister Netanyahu announced, ‘Don’t enter into the nuclear deal again. Israel will never allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons.’  

The Israeli Prime Minister lashed out at the stand of Joe Biden regarding Iran, in harsh words, without naming him. Prime Minister Netanyahu said that extreme measures would have to be taken to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. The Israeli media have claimed that the Israeli Prime Minister has issued a warning to Joe Biden, who is preparing to take over as the US President, saying not to re-enter the nuclear deal with Iran.   

At the same time, Netanyahu reminded that the change in the fundamental stand of the Arab countries regarding Israel has become possible only because of the Israeli resolve, not to let Iran acquire nuclear weapons.  

Joe Biden will be sworn in as the President of the United States on 20th January 2021. It is claimed that in a few days, he would announce that the United States is joining the old nuclear deal by withdrawing sanctions against Iran. Iran also has said that it expects Biden to fulfil the terms of the old nuclear deal. Against this background, the Israeli Prime Minister seems to have warned Biden. 

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