North Korea will bolster its nuclear program, says dictator Kim Jong-un

Seoul: – North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un has announced a rise in the country’s nuclear and missile capabilities. Dictator Un said that this was essential for the people in North Korea and the country. All the more, it is for the security of the socialistic ideology. International media are pointing out that this announcement of the North Korean Dictator comes when the change of guard is gaining momentum in the United States.  

north-korea-kim-jong-un-7-jan-1Reports had been published a few months ago that North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un had succumbed to some serious illness and his sister had taken over the reins of North Korea. But the North Korean government news agency dismissed the claims and published photographs of Kim Jong-un. But the western media had expressed reservations regarding the reports, saying that he was not attending any meetings. In this scenario, two months later, the North Korean Dictator held a meeting of senior members of the communist party, on Thursday. During the meeting, the Dictator announced that the country’s nuclear and missile capabilities would increase tremendously. The North Korean news agency claimed that Kim Jong-un emphasised that the nation will achieve this objective under any circumstances.   

The North Korean news agency did not reveal the details of the meeting. The analysts in the west claim that the North Korean Dictator’s announcement, to increase the nuclear and missile capabilities, is an incitement for the United States and South Korea. North Korea had stopped nuclear and missile tests following the talks with President Trump in 2018, which reduced the tension in the Korean region.   

But now, there will be a change of guard in the United States and Joe Biden will take over the reins of the United States. Western analysts claim that the North Korean Dictator has changed his stance against this background. 

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