Trump administration prepares for a nuclear test, confirms a US tabloid

Washington: As per the claims by the tabloid, The Washington Post, United States, who claimed Russia and China of conducting secret nuclear tests is also preparing to perform one. In 1992, the US had undertaken its last nuclear test. Last week, the US National Security Agency conducted a seminar, wherein the point of Russia and China holding nuclear tests was discussed. Moreover, the attendees said that the US would be able to create pressure on Russia and China for a new nuclear deal if the US conducts rapid tests.

Even though conducting tests was not concretely decided upon, the Washington Post reports that the US has initiated movements in that direction. However, the US National Security Agency has refused to respond on any of this movement.

Last year, US President Donald Trump had announced a new nuclear policy, which was Nuclear Posture Review. This policy mentioned modernising and raising nuclear capacity. So, against this background, the recent discussions draw attention. Moreover, there are references to Chinese nuclear tests, as the US holds this discussion.

Last month, the US tabloid had published that one of the US parliament reports claimed about China having conducted multiple nuclear tests. Besides, the US international parliament report claimed that China had used nuclear blasts of lower capacity during these tests and conducted them at the Lop Nur lake in China. The US also accused China of violating the CTBT policy. However, China dismissed the accusation.

Besides, news that surfaced after the story of the Chinese nuclear test was that the US President Trump held bilateral talks with the Russian President Putin on the nuclear deal. Moreover, the US has taken a stance that China should join the START bilateral deal between the US and Russia. Unless China joins, the US will not adhere to the deal’s policy, said, President Trump. Against this background, the recent nuclear test about to start by the US draws attention.

As per the information provided by various international think tanks and organisations, the US has conducted more than 1000 nuclear tests out of the total nuclear tests around the world, which are more than 2000. Moreover, seven more nations have conducted nuclear tests, which include Russia, China, UK, France, India, Pakistan and South Korea.

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