US will not enter the war to save Kurds, announces President Trump

Third World War

Washington: US President Donald Trump clarified his Stand regarding the Kurds ‘The United States will destroy the economy of Turkey, who has been attacking the Syrian Kurds. Soon, the trade of $100 billion, between the United States and Turkey, will be targeted and the trade agreement will be stopped. But the United States will not enter a war, seven thousand miles away, to save the Kurds, under any circumstances. It could be Russia, China or even Napoleon Bonaparte, who may protect the Kurds.’   

trump-save-KurdsCriticism is rife that the United States has deserted the Kurds and therefore, Turkey is massacring the Kurds. US leaders and even the European countries are pleading with President Trump, regarding this. But Trump clarified that the United States would not enter the war under any circumstances. Trump asked his military officials ‘Why should the United States incur exorbitant expenses to save the Kurds located 7,000 miles away?’. The US President clarified his priorities ‘Instead of saving the Kurds; the United States will focus on its border security and build a wall on the Mexican border. The wall is almost completed and there is a drastic reduction in the number of intruders.  

But, Turkey has not been granted a permit to take this action. President Trump warned that because of this action, Turkey would have to face stringent US sanctions and the United States will destroy the Turkish economy. There is a trade agreement between the United States and Turkey and the trade is valued at $100 billion. Trump warned that henceforth, the Turkish steel, imported into the United States, will be taxed at 50%. President Trump also informed that sanctions would be imposed against the officials involved in the action against the Syrian Kurds.  

The European countries are demanding that Turkey should immediately stop the action against Kurdish people, invading Syria. The European countries have prepared to raise the baton of economic sanctions against Turkey. Russia too has warned Turkey regarding the action. But Turkish President Erdogan has announced that the Turkish action will continue, without paying any heed to anyone. Therefore, the US President has retorted that if China or even Napoleon Bonaparte took the initiative to save the Kurds, the United States would welcome the move.  

Trump, at the same time, raised the issue of IS terrorists in Kurdish custody. Trump lashed out ‘These IS terrorists fighting in, Syria are of European origin. I have made many appeals to the European countries to accept them. But no one responded. The European countries expected the United States to foot the huge expenses for keeping these terrorists in custody.’  

The Kurdish organisations have announced that they will not be responsible for the IS terrorists, in their custody, following the Turkish attack. More than 800 IS terrorists have already escaped along with their families, taking advantage of the Turkish attacks. Thereafter, the European countries have been alarmed and the European countries are worried that the IS will emerge strongly, once again.  

The US to withdraw nuclear weapons from Turkey  

Denouncing the inhuman attacks carried out by Turkey on Syrian Kurds, the United States indicated the withdrawal of nuclear weapons, from its Turkish bases.  

US officials claimed that the United States would soon take this decision, on security grounds. The US fighter jets and nuclear weapons are deployed on the US base at Hisarlik in Turkey. 

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