United States passes the bill, which imposes sanctions against Chinese officials over Hongkong issue 

Washington: – US Senate, the upper house of the US Congress, unanimously passed the bill imposing sanctions against the Chinese officials, over the Hongkong National Security Law. The bill castigates the ruling Chinese communist party, over the Hongkong issue and indications have been given that sterner actions would follow. Trump administration, in the United States, has already delivered a jolt to the communist government, by cancelling the Special Status awarded to Hongkong.   


Chinese officials

US Senators Chris Van Hollen and Pat Toomey took the initiative to present the bill, against China over the Hongkong issue, in the US Congress. The bill has a provision to impose sanctions against the Chinese officials and even the Hongkong officials, responsible for enforcing the Security law in Hongkong. At the same time, the action of imposing sanctions will be taken, even against the banks transacting with these officials. The bill presented in the US Congress on Thursday was passed with a voice vote. Both the parties in the US Congress unanimously supported the bill and confidence is being expressed that the bill will be cleared in the house of Representatives, soon.  

Senator Josh Hawley of the Republican party reacted ‘This is a big day for the US Senate. We have succeeded in taking a strong stand against the Security Law being thrusted on Hongkong, by China. We have delivered the message that Chinese imperialism will not be tolerated.’ Senator Chris Van Hollen claimed that this bill points out that China, who is trying to deny independence to the people of Hongkong, will have to pay a dear price for its actions. Whereas, Senator Marsha Blackburn appealed that the time has come for all the democratic countries stand to up for the people of Hongkong.   

Chinese officials

The international community is furious, as China has started this encroachment on Hongkong independence, while the world is fighting with the Coronavirus menace and the United States and the United Kingdom have already started moves to corner China through various means. Only a few days ago, G7, the group of leading countries in the world, released a joint statement regarding Hongkong. The statement presented an adamant stand that the Chinese government should reconsider the decision regarding Hongkong. Before this, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Taiwan and the European Union have taken decisions, to pressurise China in the Hongkong issue. Against this background, the bill passed by the US Congress will further corner the Chinese communist government.  

The Chinese rulers have brought various bills in 2003, 2009 and 2014, to establish comprehensive control over Hongkong. In 2014, the Chinese government succeeded in pressurising Hongkong and enforcing the bill. But last year, the population of Hongkong posed a serious challenge to the Chinese rulers and forced them to withdraw the bill. Infuriated by this defeat, the Chinese communist government has started efforts to gain complete control over Hongkong, by passing this National Security Law. 

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