China threatens the US over Hongkong

Beijing: – China has threatened that if the United States initiated action against it, over the National Security Law concerning to Hongkong, China would retaliate befittingly. Intense reactions are being received from around the globe, along with Hongkong, against the National Security Law presented in the Chinese parliament. The United States has indicated to initiate a harsh action against China over the issue.

Last week, National Security Law, about Hongkong, was presented in the Chinese parliament. As per the provisions in the law, the Chinese security agencies are granted a free hand, to take action in Hongkong. This law is considered to be the most important step taken by the Chinese communist rulers for taking control over Hongkong. Severe repercussions are being felt, over this issue, at the international level, along with Hongkong.

US President Donald Trump, warned of harsh action against China, in view of the new law. Thereafter, US National Security Advisor (NSA), Robert O’Brian threatened to withdraw the special status awarded to Hongkong. At the same time, the US NSA also warned that if the law was implemented, the United States would impose sanctions against China and Hongkong. Apart from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Taiwan also have initiated moves against China, in support of the people of Hongkong. Against this background, the Chinese threat to the United States becomes significant. 

Zhao Lijian, the spokesman of the Chinese foreign ministry, warned ‘The United States is making moves to rock the Chinese interests, over the Hongkong Law issue. If the United States initiated such an action, China will take an aggressive stand against it and retaliate in the same language.’ Two days ago, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi warned of a Cold War, while criticising the United States. While levelling this accusation, the Chinese Foreign Minister had also referred to Hongkong.

Following the accusation of Cold War and the warning issued by the spokesman of the foreign ministry, the Chinese military also has jumped into the fray. The chief of the Chinese military base in Hongkong warned that the Chinese military is prepared to defend the Chinese sovereignty in Hongkong. Commander Daoxiang asserted, during an interview with the Chinese government news channel, that the Chinese military has a firm resolve and capability to defend Hongkong, in respect of the national security.

Last year, during the anti-China agitation in Hongkong, Chinese rulers had indicated military deployment in Hongkong. It is apparent from the warning, issued by Commander Daoxiang that China is once again contemplating military deployment in Hongkong.

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