US action against the IS, far from over, US Secretary for Defence Esper

Third World WarWashington: US Secretary for Defence Mark Esper announced, although IS chief and a dangerous terrorist, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, was killed, the US campaign against the IS, in Syria, has not ended with this killing. The US action will not stop unless this terrorist organisation is completely annihilated. The western study groups and analysts are claiming that the IS will emerge again, after the killing of Baghdadi. Against this background the announcement of the US Secretary for Defence becomes important.

Last week, the US defence forces carried out a fierce action, on the IS locations, in north eastern Syria, near the Turkish border. Seven people including the IS chief were killed in the US action. A few western and Arabic media claimed that the US action against the IS was finished, with the killing of Baghdadi. But the US Secretary for Defence clarified the position of his country, regarding Syria.

US action against the IS, far from over, US Secretary for Defence EsperSecretary for Defence Esper clarified ‘Whenever the United States has withdrawn from the Gulf without completing a task, it was forced to jump back, into the fray. Therefore, the United States will not withdraw from Syria unless the objective of finishing IS, is achieved.’ Esper said that the US military present in Syria, will not be carrying out policing work, but instead will participate in the counter terrorist campaign. Therefore, the Esper announcement indicates that the United States will be deploying more soldiers in Syria, in the near future.

The killing of IS chief Baghdadi is being welcomed from around the world. Pentagon informed that Baghdadi was given a funeral by burial in the sea, similar to Osama Bin Laden. Magnus Ranstorp, a military analyst from Sweden, warned that the killing of Baghdadi will give rise to a new more reckless leaderships and this organisation may become more dangerous. Ranstorp said that the activities of IS will not stop with the killing of Baghdadi.

But, in the next few hours President Trump announced that the US military killed even the successor of Baghdadi. This proved that the US action against the IS, in Syria, is not going to stop.

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