United States withdraws special trade status designated to Turkey ; an attempt to build pressure on S400 Missile system issue

Washington/ Ankara: United States is disappointed with Turkey on the issue of the S400 Missile system; as a consequence, it has withdrawn special trade status assigned to Turkey. Considering the trade and economic progress between the United States and Turkey, this privilege has been, and the implementation of the same has been done with immediate effect, as per the United States. It has been viewed that, actions of the United States is an attempt to bring pressure on Turkey on the issue S400 Missile system. Senior Administration officials have quoted that, Turkey can still withdraw from planned S400 purchase.

United States has consistently warned Turkey on the issue of the S400 Missile system.

The United States Defence Spokesperson, Charles Summers has warned Turkey of a severe consequence of deploying the S400 system. Recently, America has taken a tough stance against Turkey for its Actions in Syria and the arrest of a US missionary. President Donald Trump has threatened to destroy the economy of Turkey.

Sanctions imposed by the United States have already hit Turkey’s economy severely. The repercussion of this has been seen on Recep Erdogan in recent elections. Still maintaining his aggressive and tough stance, Recep Erdogan has refused to back down on the issue of Russian defence equipment’s purchase & clearly stated, Turkey’s refusal from withdrawal from an agreement signed with Russia, as this would be the ethically and morally wrong.  Informing this Recep Erdogan has also indicated that, in future, Turkey can also purchase S500 system from Russia.

United States has time & again expressed its displeasure over Turkey’s Position in this regard & offered to give it incentives, in case it withdraws from the S400 deal.  Turkey’s Position has remained unchanged; it seems the United States is considering, taking action against Turkey. The privileges of preferential Trade, given to Turkey has been withdrawn, in consequence, to this, many items imported from Turkey, can come under tax preview in the US. As per a few experts, this can prove to be disastrous for Turkey’s economy.

Meanwhile, the US Airforce Secretary, Heather Wilson has quoted that Turkey can still withdraw from S400 defence deal; moreover, the US is still in discussion with Turkey on the issue.

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