US has controlled Iran’s activities in the Persian Gulf

Manama: – Iran had created instability in the Persian Gulf region, by attacking and hijacking foreign oil tankers. But the Chief of the 5th US naval fleet, Vice Admiral Sam Paparo claimed that the United States has controlled these Iranian activities. Vice Admiral Paparo clarified that the United States is watching these Iranian activities more cautiously and carefully.   

Annual Manama Dialogue was organised at the ‘International Institute of Strategic Studies’, in the Bahrain capital of Manama. Vice Admiral Paparo, the Chief of the 5th US Naval fleet, deployed in Bahrain, targeted the Iranian activities on this occasion.   

Last year, attacks had been carried out on the Saudi Arabian, UAE and some foreign oil tankers in the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf regions. The Houthi rebels has accepted the responsibility of the attacks. But Saudi and the United States had accused that the attacks were carried out by Iran, as the Houthis did not have the technology required for such attacks. Tension had been created in the region, with these Iranian attacks. Vice Admiral Paparo claimed that the instability was cleared due to the US actions on the international level and the following sequence of events. The senior naval official did not elaborate regarding the US actions. But Paparo claimed that the Iranian activities in the region have reduced since the last few months. Vice Admiral Paparo also said that care is being taken to ensure that Iranian navy does not indulge in any aggression and increase tension, in the concerned marine sector.   

Before this, Chief of US CENTCOM and retired naval official, Vice Admiral James Malloy had criticised that the Iranian activities in the Persian Gulf are very careless and provocative. He also accused that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards are trying to gain control over the Persian Gulf. Whereas, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards had announced the seizure of a UAE oil tanker, in August. An incident of a mine attack on an oil tanker in the Red Sea area, also had been reported in the last month.  

Against this background, the claims made by Vice Admiral Sam Paparo that the Iranian activities have been controlled and regarding the necessary action taken for that purpose, become noteworthy. 

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