‘United Kingdom is going the Saudi Arabia way’, criticises Geert Wilders, Opposition leader of the Netherlands

Third World WarHague/London: ‘What happened in the United Kingdom last week was despicable. There is suppression of freedom of speech in Europe and the same thing is happening in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is treading the same path as Saudi Arabia,’ was the vitriolic criticism showered by Geert Wilders, the opposition leader of Netherlands. Wilders who is protesting outside the British embassy in the capital city of Hague, made this criticism against the arrest of British volunteer Tommy Robinson. Robinson has been jailed for exposing to the world, the details of the trials of cases of sexual atrocities by the Islamic people in the United Kingdom. Wilders has raised his voice against this.

Geert Wilders is one of the leaders taking an aggressive stand against the refugees entering the European countries. He has demanded an explanation about the arrest of ‘Tommy Robinson’, in front of the British embassy in Hague. Tommy Robinson is a representative of an aggressive rightist group in the United Kingdom and he has established an organisation named ‘English Defence League’. Robinson had started an agitation with the demands to close the doors for the Islamic refugees and to close down their places of worship built in large numbers in the United Kingdom. He also had support from some people in the United Kingdom. It is said that he had a following of more than a hundred thousand people. At the same time, there was criticism that his thoughts were hate-provocative and spreading malice.

uk, geert wilders, saudi arabia, netherlands, refugeeSome shocking incidences of mass atrocities had been exposed in the United Kingdom and there were reports of minor children being the victims of these atrocities. Accusing involvement of extremists, Robinson had started a massive publicity campaign against it. The case was being heard in a court at Leeds. Robinson attempted to publish the information about the case on social media, from outside the court. He also made attempts to talk to the accused. Due to this, Robinson was arrested for breach of the British Law. He was convicted for contempt of court and handed a jail term of 13 months.

The important issue is that the court has ordered to keep the information about the action against Robinson, under wraps. The British court has warned that the information about Robinson’s arrest should not be published till the mass atrocities case is completed, as this can affect the judicial process. Hence, the information about Robinson’s arrest did not receive much publicity.

However, the repercussions of the arrest are being felt now. A huge rally was organised in Robinson’s support in the city of Leeds on Sunday. There are reports that protests demanding Robinson’s release directly reached the Prime Minister’s office and that more than 400,000 people have signed the demand for Robinson’s release. The supporters have expressed the feeling that the British agencies are trying to supress facts by gagging Tommy Robinson. Along with them there are voices of resentment heard in other European countries too. The opposition leader of Netherlands demanding an explanation from the United Kingdom about this is a proof of the same sentiment.

Meanwhile, the websites like Jihad Watch are accusing that the mass sexual atrocities are a part of the conspiracy by the migrants belonging to other religions. In view of this, the support for the campaign by Robinson and the activists of the other rightist groups, is on the rise. The ‘UK Independence Party’ of Nigel Farage has expressed strong regret over the Robinson arrest. This is an indication that Robinson also has political support.

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