UAE, Saudi sign defence deals with European countries

Tehran/Abu Dhabi: – US President Joe Biden has banned arms sale to United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia. Therefore, it was being predicted that this will affect the weapons preparedness of these countries. But although the United States has banned the sale of arms, Saudi and UAE have signed new agreements with European countries like Germany and Belarus for deals is defence equipment. UAE has started an office of its arms manufacturing company directly in Israel. Iran, infuriated with the developments, has accused that the United States has a role in these weapon deals of the Gulf countries.   

uae-saudi-agreementInternational Defence Exhibition 2021 (IDEX) was being held in UAE for the last few days. It was being said that the participation from the foreign defence manufacturing companies and transactions for weapons by the Arab countries will be less, given the Coronavirus pandemic. Despite this, 1,300 foreign companies participated in the IDEX. Although US President Biden has announced sanctions, US companies like Lockheed Martin and Boeing had their display halls in the IDEX. During five days of IDEX, held in Abu Dhabi, UAE signed deals worth nearly USD 4.5 billion. This includes the deal for the air defence system SkyKnight of the UAE company Age Group. Germany has expressed interest in the SkyKnight system, and the Age Group signed an important agreement with the leading German company Rheinmetall AG. The UAE officials claimed that this system could target rockets and mortars within a radius of 10 kilometres along with fighter jets and drones.   

Simultaneously, the UAE-based paramount group, renowned for armoured vehicles, has announced opening an office in Israel. The company clarified that this step was taken because of the Abraham agreement signed between Israel and UAE. Israel has banned flights against the background of the Coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, Israeli companies could not participate in the IDEX. But this does not affect the cooperation developing between Israel and the UAE.   

Along with this, big agreements have been signed between the UAE and Saudi Arabia regarding military vehicles. UAE-based NIMR has signed an agreement in this regard with the Saudi company SAMI. Against the backdrop of the IDEX, the Saudi Arabian company SAMI also has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a Belarus-based company. As per the information given by the Saudi Arabian mouthpiece, more than 70 companies, domestic as well as foreign, have received a permit to operate in the Saudi Arabian defence sector. It is claimed that Saudi Arabia’s defence sector will immensely benefit from this.   

Meanwhile, Iranian restlessness is increasing with the information being revealed regarding the IDEX. Iranian news channel accused that the United States is behind the cooperation being extended by the European countries to Saudi Arabia and UAE. The Iranian news channel made these claims citing an analyst from the United States. 

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