President Trump justifies US military withdrawal from Syria

Third World WarWashington: US President Donald Trump presented his stand in piercing words ‘The United States has squandered more than $8 trillion on the war in the Middle East. Thousands of our brave soldiers have lost their lives in this war. The United States has suffered immense loses, involving in these meaningless wars. The war was sparked on the fake claims of weapons of mass destruction. But now the United States is carefully withdrawing its military from the Gulf. Now our main goal will be to make the United States great.’

President Trump justifies US military withdrawal from SyriaPresident Trump is facing criticism from inside the United States, about the decision of military withdrawal from Syria. Senior Democrat leaders are accusing President Trump of betraying the Kurds, with this military withdrawal. The leading US media are warning that the IS will emerge once again, in Syria, because of this. But President Trump is firm on his decision of military withdrawal from Syria. Trump lashed out at the previous US leaders, saying that the United States didn’t need to deploy the military and take part in these meaningless wars in the Gulf.

President Trump referred to the 2003 war against Iraq to substantiate. The then US President George Bush invaded Iraq, accusing that the former Dictator of Iraq, Saddam Hussein had a secret stock of weapons of mass destruction. Trump reminded that in due course of time, it was exposed to the world that the claim of Iraq having weapons of mass destruction was invalid. Sending the military in such a manner, was a horrible decision.

Trump said ‘Now is the time to correct these mistakes, and the United States is slowly and carefully withdrawing the military from the Gulf. Making the United States greater than before is our main objective.’ Although Trump is claiming this, strong criticism is being made in the US political circles. The US leaders are saying the Kurds, who assisted the United States, in its campaign against the IS have been deserted. But the United States had supplied arms and funds to the Kurds, for their past cooperation. Trump had asserted that even in the future, the Kurds would not be deserted and Turkey will not be allowed to cross a particular limit, during its action.

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