US officials arrive at Singapore, North Korea to prepare for Trump-Kim summit

Third World WarWashington: The preparations for the meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un, to be held in Singapore on the 12th of June, are underway. President Trump has informed that officials from the United States have arrived at Singapore and North Korea for the preparations of the summit. Only two days ago, he had announced that the meeting could happen, claiming that the United States as well the North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un wanted to hold the meeting. He released the report about the United States officials’ visit, indicating that the country is taking steps towards holding the meeting.

‘A delegation of US officials has landed in North Korea for the preparations of my meeting with Kim Jong-un, to be held in Singapore. North Korea has excellent capabilities. This country will soon grow into a large and strong economy. Kim Jong-un also agrees with me on this point and this will certainly happen,’ said President Trump clarifying that the preparations for the meeting were well underway.

us, donald trump, north korea, kim jong un, singaporeThe US Department of State and the White House Press Secretary have confirmed the information given by Trump. The White House Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders informed that a delegation of US officials had landed in Singapore to prepare for the meeting on 12th June, while the Department of State informed that a delegation of US officials had landed at Panmunjom in North Korea and that the discussions had begun.

The delegation that arrived at North Korea includes US ambassador to Philippines Sung Kim and Allison Hooker, a National Security Council official who specialises in Korean affairs and other defence department officials. Sung Kim has been a former ambassador to South Korea and has officiated during the negotiations on the nuclear program with North Korea.

Prior to this on Saturday, the South Korean President ‘Moon Jae-in’ met with Kim Jong-un and there are indications that he would also be present for the meeting in Singapore.

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