US NSA on Europe tour to discuss China

Washington: – US National Security Advisor (NSA) Robert O’Brien is leaving for a tour to Europe, while the relations between China and the western countries are strained over the Coronavirus pandemic and Hongkong issues. Deputy NSA Matthew Pottinger and senior officials from the US National Security Council are accompanying O’Brien, on his Europe visit. This visit is considered important against the background that there is a severe political conflict between the United States and China following the Coronavirus pandemic and the European countries too have been castigating China.  


US NSA Robert O’Brien is reaching the French capital, Paris, on Monday. Monday. He will meet the senior French leaders and discuss bilateral issues. on Tuesday, the US delegation led by O’Brien will be holding talks with the British, German and Italian officials. US sources informed that all these meetings will be held in Paris.   

There are differences between the approach of the United States and European countries, regarding China and they have been exposed many times. But now, against the background of Coronavirus, the situation has changed and there is a lot of anger, regarding China, brewing in Europe too. The main reasons for the European displeasure are the manner of handling the Coronavirus pandemic and the decisions taken regarding Hongkong and Uyghurs. It has been observed that China has dismissed the warnings and even appeals made by the European Union, regarding the European relations with China.  

Against this background, the United States has started efforts to form a front against China, on the issues like the Coronavirus pandemic, Hongkong, and 5G technology. The Europe visit of US NSA O’Brien is seemingly a part of the same efforts. 

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