Blackout in Iran following one more suspicious explosion  

Tehran: – The series of suspicious explosions in Iran continues and the explosion near Tehran, two days ago, disrupted the power supply in the city. A radio channel in Iran released the information regarding the blast. But senior Iranian officials have tried to hide the information regarding the blast, dismissing the claims. Meanwhile, the pressure on the Iranian government is claimed to be increasing, given these blasts.   

The Iranian government radio channel, IRIB, gave the information regarding blast at a military base in the city of Quds, near Tehran. The radio channel said that the power supply to the city was disrupted from nearly 5 minutes after the explosion. The governor of Quds said that there was no such blast and this is only a rumour. But Iranian analyst Fabian Hinz, in the information given to US newspaper ‘The New York Times’ has said that there were two blasts at underground bases near Tehran. Hinz said that the blasts were at the facilities linked to the chemical weapons development and military weapons manufacturing.  

But the Iranian government and military agencies are denying the suspicious explosions. In the span of the last two weeks, there have been six suspicious explosions in Iran. These blasts have been there at Iranian nuclear project, missile bases, chemical factories and power projects. The explosion at a hospital in Tehran is also being viewed with suspicion. A senior official from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps had been killed in this gas pipeline explosion. Iranian agencies are claiming Israeli involvement in these blasts. But Iran government is seemingly not willing to openly accuse Israel. 

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