IS to carry out terror attacks in Europe’s Manchester and Paris once again

Third World War

London/Berlin: After being defeated in Iraq and Syria, IS terrorists plot of a repeat of the terror attacks carried out in Paris and Manchester, exposed. The British media have reported the story and claimed that the responsibility to carry out attacks in Europe had been assigned to Abu Khabab al-Muhajir. Also, the German internal intelligence agency warned about the increased threat of an IS terror attack.


ISIS-Terror-AttacksOnly last month, US President Trump announced that the IS, who were on a rampage in Syria, have been defeated. Before the defeat, reports had surfaced of the IS terrorists returning to Europe from Syria and Iraq. The European agencies had expressed fears that the IS terrorists had sneaked into Europe with the immigrant influx, that started in 2015. Four months ago, even the international organisation, Interpol had mentioned the ‘IS 2.0’, drawing attention to the new threat of terror attacks that might emerge.

Much information has been received regarding the activities of the organisation, after its defeats in Syria and Iraq and it reveals the links for the new plot. The British Media had issued warnings regarding the latest attacks, based on the information contained in some of the documents. There also is a mention of a letter containing the names of the IS chief, Al Baghdadi, his deputy and six other leaders. The terror attacks being planned by IS, have been referred to as ‘Operations’ in the letter.

Despite its defeat in Syria, IS’s international network is still active and as per information, one cell in Russia and two cells in Germany, are operational. Abu Khabab al-Muhajir is responsible for the cells, and he is the one planning the new attacks. The attacks to be carried out in Europe are referred to as ‘Special Operations’, and the attacks will be carried out, once the firm objective and careful selection of target are completed. 

The mention of Paris and Manchester in the information becomes especially significant. The terror attacks carried out in Paris, in 2015 and Manchester, in 2017, are considered to be the most horrifying terror attacks, carried out by IS in Europe. A total of 140 people were killed, in the terror attack carried out on 13th November 2015, in Paris. Whereas, 23 peopled had been killed, in the bomb blast carried out by IS, in Manchester in May 2017.

While the plot to carry out terror attacks, on the lines of Paris and Manchester has been exposed, a possibility of an attack in Germany has also surfaced. Thomas Haldenwang, chief of Protection of the Constitution (BfV), the German internal intelligence agency has warned against the increased threat of terror attacks in Germany. Haldenwang said that the IS could carry out a terror attack in Germany, at any moment. At the same time, he claimed that the number of extremist Muslims, in Germany, has crossed 200.

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