Take advantage of the Palestinian conflict and raise the Kashmir issue, journalists advise Pak government

Islamabad: – The Pakistan Parliament passed a resolution denouncing Israel. Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi presented a report accusing that the Israeli attack on the Palestinians is trampling human rights. Through this resolution, the Pakistan Parliament has demanded that the UN Security Council take the necessary action to stop these Israeli attacks on Palestinians. Whereas, Raja Farooq Haider Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan occupied Kashmir, has threatened that the days of Israel and India are numbered. Some Pakistani journalists are advising the government to be smart and link the Kashmir issue to the Palestine issue, which is on the anvil.   


Israel is taking strict actions against the terrorist organisations Hamas and Islamic Jihad, who have been attacking Israel with thousands of rockets and missiles. Angry reactions are being received from Pakistan against the actions. The extremists in the country are making vitriolic criticism that the Pakistan government is not taking any action supporting the Palestinians and against Israel. As per the Pakistan news channels, there will be no effect of verbal attacks on Israel, and it will not be under pressure unless the Pakistan military makes some moves. These analysts are demanding from the Imran Khan government that the Palestinians should be at least supplied with weapons.   

In this situation, the Pakistan government has attempted to pacify these people with the passage of the resolution. But it is unlikely that the extremists will be satisfied with this. The demand is gaining ground that Pakistan should support Palestine with all its might, and the repercussions are being felt even in the country’s media. The Pakistan media is attacking all the Islamic countries and their governments, including Pakistan. The Pakistani journalists are leading the pack, who are demanding that these Islamic countries should open a military front against Israel.  

Raja Farooq Haider Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan occupied Kashmir, has gone ahead and threatened that the days of Israel and India, showering atrocities on Palestinians and Kashmiris, respectively, are numbered. Farooq Haider Khan also appealed to the Organisation of Islamic Council, the association of Islamic countries, to take stern steps against Israel and India. Some Pakistani journalists have advised the Pakistan government to raise the Kashmir issue and the Palestine issue on the international level.   

The Palestine issue is a topic of discussion because of the Israeli retaliation against Gaza. If a benefit is to be extracted from this, the Kashmir issue has to be linked to it. Some journalists have argued that this will hugely benefit Pakistan. These journalists have warned that if these issues are raised individually, there will be no benefit, and the Kashmir issue will lag behind. Rumours had also spread in Pakistan that following the discussions held by Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi with Turkey, Iran, Egypt and China, Pakistan is sending its military to fight Israel.  

While the Pakistan media, journalists and analysts are making demands inciting public outburst, some responsible journalists seem to have adopted a matured stand. An anchor of a news channel said that when the Imran Khan government has failed to resolve the Kashmir issue, it will be foolish to expect that it will be able to resolve the Palestine issue. The responsible journalists are giving frank advice that Pakistan should present its stand on the Palestine issue keeping its capacity and capability in mind. The Pakistan government has failed in addressing internal issues. These journalists have asked, what will Pakistan achieve by poking its nose in the Palestine issue by challenging Israel in these circumstances.   

Whereas, some extremist analysts have claimed that Pakistan will be the next Israeli target.   

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