Israeli fighter planes kill 19 Pakistan terrorists in an air raid in Syria 

Beirut: – Nineteen terrorists were killed in an airstrike carried out by the Israeli fighter jets on an Iranian base in Syria. The Syrian human rights association claimed that most of the dead terrorists were from Pakistan. This becomes the third Israeli attack in Syria this week. A few days ago, Iran had threatened that the end of Israel, launching these attacks, is very close. But Israel once again demonstrated that it does not pay any heed to the Iranian warnings, by increasing the intensity of the attacks.   

Airstrikes were carried out in the Al-Bukamal city in the Deir ez-Zor province, on Thursday, early in the morning. This action was taken on the location of Iran-affiliated terrorists, in the Al-Bukamal city, near the Iraq border. Syrian human rights organisation said that the terrorists killed in the airstrike were mostly Pakistanis. This UK based human rights organisation also said that many terrorists had been grievously hurt in the attack, and there is a possibility of the number of casualties rising.  

The Syrian military, the mouthpiece and the government have refrained from reacting over the Al-Bukamal attack. Only two days ago, the Syrian mouthpiece had accused Israel of carrying out airstrikes on the Syrian capital of Damascus and the Quneitra province in Syria. Eight Hezbollah terrorists had been killed in these attacks. Whereas, on last Saturday, in another airstrike by the Israeli fighter jets on a military location, 14 Iran-affiliated terrorists, who had come from Iraq and Afghanistan, had been killed. Soldiers from the Iranian Quds Forces also had been killed in an Israeli airstrike before this. Israel military themselves had published the information regarding these attacks. After that, an infuriated Iran had threatened Israel. The end of Israel, who is carrying out airstrikes in Syria and running away, is near and Israel will have to pay a dear price for these attacks. Despite the Iranian threat, Israel seems to be continuing with its spate of crushing airstrikes on the locations of Iran affiliated terrorists in Syria.  

Because of this action, it has been exposed that the Pakistani terrorists are a part of the Iran-affiliated terrorist groups involved in the Syrian conflict. This once again endorses the Indian accusation that Pakistan is the global centre for terrorism. 

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