Palestine President Abbas demands deployment of NATO forces instead of IDF

Palestinian leaders have been insisting the ‘Israel Palestine Peace Treaty’ demands deployment of NATO forces in place of Israeli army on the West Bank. The Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas clarified this position in the Arab League Meet. He also stated that Palestine is ready for the French led peace talks in July.

Palestine President Abbas demands deployment of NATO forces

On Saturday, Arab League Meet was held in Egypt’s capital Cairo. Foreign ministers of Arab League countries participated. Palestine was discussed at length during the proceedings.

President Abbas clarified the Palestinian stand during the discussions. “The French led peace talks should focus on implementation of the proposals of the 1967 Agreement between Palestine and Israel. We have already given recognition to Israel. But to recognize it as a ‘State of Jews’ is unacceptable. We want a Palestine State on Palestinian territory. We will not tolerate existence of Israel in Palestine ‘’, said Abbas, strongly registering his disapproval of the Israeli army presence on West Bank.

NATO forcesEarlier too, the Palestine President has been showing resentment to the Israeli forces presence on the West Bank. The original provision is for NATO forces to replace Israeli army after 5 years. Now, the Palestinian leadership is denying any agreement to deploy Israeli forces’ altogether.

Israel is firm that the presence of its army on West Bank is essential for safeguarding its own security. Per Israeli officers this is critical for protection from the Palestinian terrorists. To reinforce its stand, Israel has started constructing new settlements in West Bank and in East Jerusalem.

Few days ago, a British daily alleged Iran is assisting Palestinian terrorist organizations. Last month, London based Arab publication ‘Asharq Al-Awsat’ stated that Islamic Jihad Chief Ramadan Shallah, Ziyad al-Nakhalah and Akram Azoury had met with Iranian leaders. The Islamic Jihad leaders held discussions with Iran’s political and military leaders. That included Chief Qassem Soleimani of the elite Quds Force of Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Subsequent to this meeting, the Islamic Jihad leaders upheld the demand for creation of Palestine.

It is believed that this newly created association between Islamic Jihad and Iranian leadership is a severe threat to Israel’s security.


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