Syrian forces intensify attacks on Eastern Ghouta, UN criticizes Syria and Russia

Damascus/ Geneva: 24 people were killed in the air attack carried out by the Syrian army in Douma in Eastern Ghouta. The conflict that continued for the last 18 days has taken 804 lives in all including 178 children. Syrian President Assad has ordered to intensify the military campaign with this attack.

The Syrian army, tanks and military vehicles have entered Eastern Ghouta. Syria has claimed to have got in control of about 40% of the land in this region near capital Damascus. The Syrian army has declared that these attacks will not stop unless all the rebels and terrorists are expelled from the region. As the ceasefire ended on Tuesday, Human Rights Organisation in Britain claimed that 24 people have been killed in the Syrian army attack on Douma.

syria, eastern ghouta, russia, UNBritain and France had expressed concerns about the 18-days long conflict, in Eastern Ghouta. In spite of the United Nations appeal for ceasefire, last week, the Syrian army has continued the attacks. Britain and France have expressed displeasure about this and have called for an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council. It is claimed that this meeting will be conducted within a few hours. The US and its allies are expected to take an aggressive stance about Syria in this meeting.

The US and its allies are complaining that there are civilian casualties in Eastern Ghouta, contrary to whatever claims made by the Syrian government and Russia. A few hours ago, the United Nations also has levelled accusations against Russia and Syria. The report submitted by the ‘Commission of Enquiry on Syria’ also indicted Russia and Syria for the bloodshed in Syria.

The enquiry committee has accused Syria and Russia of the air attack on the ‘Al Atarib’ market in Aleppo in the month of November last year. 84 people died and more than 150 were injured in the air attack carried out by Russia and Syria on the ‘Al Atarib’ market. The committee also questioned the Russian use of dangerous weapons in a crowded place and has given indications that a war crime can be registered against Russia. This is the second serious accusation against Russia on the Syrian conflict issue.

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