US warns of limits to its patience over Syria: Secretary of State, John Kerry

John Kerry, Secretary of State, has warned that the US patience with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is running out. Kerry strongly criticized the actions of Syria and Russia in Aleppo. Attacks by the Syrian Army and Russian fighter planes on rebellious positions have increased in intensity. Kerry warned both Damascus and Moscow for ceasefire violations and asked for an immediate end to the attacks.  

kerry zarifIn the past 24 hours, Syrian Army with the assistance of Russian fighter planes overran the towns of ‘Khalsa’ and ‘Zeton’. This is considered a great success for Syria in the battle ground of Aleppo. Syrian Government claims to have eliminated 70 terrorists in this battle, and along with Russia indicated that the conflict will get more unrelenting in the future.  

Taking strong exception to these actions in Aleppo, Kerry demanded that Russia and Assad regime respect the ‘frayed’ ceasefire.

US Warns of Limit to its Patience over Syria

“Russia needs to understand that our patience is not infinite, in fact it is very limited with whether or not Assad is going to be held accountable,” Kerry went on to say that the opposition groups who have been involved in continuing violence will be equally held accountable.

With such actions there is no possibility of conflict to come to an end, rather it will blaze up. Respecting the ceasefire is important for stability in Syria.  He asked the Assad regime and Russia to stop their attacks, even before the details of ceasefire are worked out.

Ceasefire was first applied in the month of February. However, rebellious outfits withdrew from the agreement and the conflict continued. Since last month, discussions have been ongoing for compromise solution between the Assad Regime and its Opponents. Both sides have so far been adamant on their respective demands.

To allow the talks to continue USA and Russia worked out a temporary ceasefire plan two weeks ago. All organizations except the terrorist organizations ‘Islamic State’ and ‘Jabhat Al-Nusra’ supported this plan. USA and Russia together agreed to fight back against terrorists attacks.

During the ceasefire, few terrorist and rebellious organizations have carried out attacks on the Syrian Army. Russia and Syria insist they retaliated in response. Russia claims the ceasefire has been violated 5 times in last two days, in Damascus and Quneitra regions.  

The aggressive reaction of United States to the Syrian and Russian actions indicate further tightening of the US stand against the Syrian regime.

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