1000 killed in Syrian Eastern Ghouta conflict in two weeks, claims MSF (Doctors without Borders)

London/Damascus: More than 1000 people have been killed and 4800 have been injured in the conflict over the past two weeks, in ‘Eastern Ghouta’ in Syria as informed by the organisation providing aid to the conflict affected people. The United Nations has criticised ‘Eastern Ghouta’ in Syria as the ‘Hell on Earth’ for children. Meanwhile, the Syrian regime has reportedly intensified the attacks on ‘Eastern Ghouta’, ignoring the criticism at the international level.

syria, eastern ghouta, russiaThe International Human Rights organisation has claimed that 800 people have been killed, but the organisation ‘Doctors Without Borders’ providing medical aid at the site of attacks has claimed that more than 1000 people have been killed in the conflict till date. It is difficult to keep count of casualties in view of the continued attacks.

15 out of the 20 hospitals in ‘Eastern Ghouta’ having been destroyed, it has become difficult to provide medical aid to the injured, claimed the organisation. As the Syrian attacks have not stopped even for a day, it is even affecting the humanitarian aid from the United Nations. It is claimed that the aid could reach a meagre 6000 people during the five-hour-long daily ceasefire started last week. There are about 400,000 civilians waiting for international aid in the region.

The attacks by the Syrian regime are increasing by the day. A Syrian news channel reported initiation of attacks on Mesraba and Mudaira towns on Saturday, by the Syrian regime. The Syrian army has claimed to have gained control of more than half of ‘Eastern Ghouta’ in the attacks carried out with Russian help. One of the Syrian army Commander has announced the decision of dividing ‘Eastern Ghouta’ in two parts. The Assad government has not made any official announcement about this. The Syrian government may have to face criticism due to this information which was revealed by a senior commander of the Syrian army.

Meanwhile, Russia has claimed that this action by the Syrian army was against the terrorists in ‘Eastern Ghouta’. The Russian army has announced that some of the terrorists have already surrendered to the Syrian army in the last two days. But the local organisations have complained that the Syrian army is attacking the civilian areas rather than the terrorists in ‘Eastern Ghouta’.

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