Israel will have to face challenges to survive, says PM of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu

Jerusalem: Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu indicated that if Israel has to complete 100 years of its foundation, then it has to be prepared to deal with the challenges emerging in future. Further, he added, that long term peace cannot be established until and unless three demands of Israel are agreed upon by the Palestinians.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had organized a program at his residence in Jerusalem. In his speech he mentioned the challenges Israel would have to face.  Israel had been founded in the year 1948. It completes 69 years. Prime Minister Netanyahu expressed confidence that Israel will also celebrate its 100th foundation day. However, before completion of 100 years of Israel’s  foundation, Netanyahu wanted to remind the relevance of some of the historical events of the past.

Netanyahu said that in the same geographical region as Israel, the reign of the Hasmoneans existed, who successfully fought the Greeks but survived  for 80 years only. Later, the Roman had occupied this kingdom in 63 B.C. Prime Minister Netanyahu said that he would not allow Israel to end up like the Hasmoneans but expressed determination that  Israel will complete 100 years of its foundation.

All those who attended this event expressed that Prime Minister Netanyahu had been grave on the issue of Israel’s security. Netanyahu had shown willingness to take any measures for the security of Israel. While speaking about the peace talks with Palestine, Prime Minister Netanyahu made Israel’s stand very clear. He said that those desiring peace talks should first openly recognize the existence of the State of Israel and the Jewish people. He also took a shot at the conciliatory approach the Palestinian President Mahboob Abbas’s party Fatah was taking with the Hamas organization in the Gaza Strip.

Israel’s Prime Minister also expressed serious views on Hamas saying that it is an extremist organization fighting for the cause of Palestine and has now shown willingness to compromise with Palestine’s party the ‘Fatah’ which is considered liberal. He made it clear that both these organizations are against the existence of Israel and hence Israel is least interested in the unity of the two.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said that Israel is very clear on its stance and placed forward Israel’s demands. First and foremost, Palestine must recognize Israel. Next to dissolve Hamas’s military front, and to snap ties with Iran which is hell bent on destroying Israel. The Prime Minister said that Israel had assumed a stern stance, otherwise the peace talks with Palestine would be meaningless.