Israel will continue striking Hamas for violating the ceasefire: Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Third World WarJerusalem: ‘Hamas, who has been violating the ceasefire in the Gaza Strip will face long drawn attacks by Israel,’ warned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Within only two days of agreeing to a ceasefire, the Hamas group in Gaza Strip has carried out rocket, and Kite and balloon bomb attacks violating the ceasefire. Israel was agitated due to the violation and threatened Hamas by carrying out crushing attacks on the its locations in the Gaza Strip.

Rockets were launched in the Ashkelon region of Israel, located in the Gaza Strip. Due to the immediate alert sounded by the ‘Rocket Siren’, the Israel military has claimed to have intercepted the rocket launched from Gaza successfully. Some parts of the destroyed rockets fell onto the Israeli territory.

Israel, hamas, ceasefire, benjamin netanyahuWithin hours of these rocket attacks, kite and balloon bomb attacks were launched from the Gaza Strip over the Israeli border area. The drones already deployed in these areas foiled the kite and balloon bomb attacks by intercepting them. This averted major damages in the area, claims the Israeli military.

This was followed by strong Israeli attacks by Israel with fighter jets and drones on the targets in Gaza Strip. They targeted two security posts of Hamas. At the same time, some terrorists who were preparing to launch fresh bomb attacks on Israel from the Gaza Strip, were also targeted. It is claimed that the Hamas terrorists and supporters have been injured in these attacks.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has issued a warning over the attacks from the Gaza Strip. ‘Hamas and other organisations in Gaza have committed a blunder by violating the ceasefire. Israel will not retaliate to the attacks from Gaza with only a single strike. But this conflict will be long drawn,’ warned Netanyahu. The United Nations (UN) has appealed to both Israel and Hamas to show restraint to prevent a war sparking off in the Gaza Strip.

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