‘Israel will build 2500 homes in West Bank’ : Prime Minister of Israel

Jerusalem : After granting permission to construct homes in East Jerusalem, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu announced that additional 2500 homes will be built in West bank. This is the second aggressive decision taken by Israel, in regards to the construction of houses after President Donald Trump took over the reign of the US. The United Nations has criticized the new decisions of Israel. However it is evident that Israel is having the full support of the new US President and there are clear indications that Israel will take even more aggressive decisions in future.

'Israel will build 2500 homes in West Bank' : Prime Minister of Israel

The issue of Jew refugee settlements in Israel is becoming increasingly serious .In order to provide shelter to these refugees, Israel will build 2500 homes in West Bank, informed Netanyahu through social media. The Israeli Prime Minister also stated that Israel is doing these constructions for the Jew refugees and further warned that such decisions will be taken in future also. Later, the Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman also clarified that the decision has been taken unanimously, to fulfill the demand for homes..

Palestinian government in West bank has strongly criticized the decision. This decision of Israel to construct homes for the Jewish refugees will have severe impact, warned Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. This decision can hamper the efforts of establishing security and stability in this region. Also, fanaticism and terrorism can surge due to which the efforts to begin peace talks can prove futile, clarified the office of Abbas. Also this has jolted the concept of two-nations, warned senior Palestinian leader and associate of Abbas, ‘Saeb Erekat’.

'Israel will build 2500 homes in West Bank' : Prime Minister of Israel

General Secretary of the United Nations has also raised concern over Israel’s decision of construction in West Bank. Having taken such one-sided decision, Israel has hampered the peace talks based on the two-nations theory, warned the UN. Just a couple of days back, Israel had announced the construction of 566 homes in East Jerusalem. It is claimed that presently around 3.5 lakh Jewish refugees are living in West Bank, whereas nearly 2 lakh Jewish refugees are living in East Jerusalem. Houses are built for these refugees by Israel.

However, since last few months, due to the pressure by the Obama government, Israel had to back out from these constructions.

However, after the regime change in the US last week, Israel has rapidly started to provide sanctions to these constructions. President Donald Trump had a telephonic discussion with the Israeli Prime Minister a couple of days back. During this discussion, President Trump extended invitation to the Prime Minister of Israel to visit the US, after which Israel’s aggression seems to be increasing.

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